Zombie Bedtime Stories, A Look At Thea Isis Gregory

Thea Isis Gregory has only been writing for a few short years, but already shows the maturity of a more experienced hand. Let’s get to know Thea in her own words:

Thea writes zombie stories and science fiction. She was raised in rural Quebec, where her imagination was often her only friend, and this upbringing also engendered a fanatical love of reading and books.

Thea moved to the city at the tender age of 17 to study science, eventually majoring in physics, because physics is awesome. Her first love has always been science (fiction), and she maintains an unquenchable thirst for discovery and the unknown.

Thea writes a series (currently on book 5) called the Zombie Bedtime Stories. I’ve had the privilege of reading books 1-3, as well as a mini-prequel. I’ll focus on the actual ZBS, as the prequel was a good introduction, but I know you want more.

Locked In begins the series with a look at Haley and Frank, paramedics out on what should be a routine day, but goes horribly awry when they’re called to a school. We’re introduced to Thea’s intimation of zombies when a homeless man attacks Haley with surprising vigor and power. He’s subdued, but all is not well. Thea’s characters are surprisingly deep and emotive, no small task in a 20000 word story.

The story twists into an explanation of the disease – the word “zombie” isn’t uttered at all – with Thea’s internal examination of the zombie psyche is one of the freshest, and most disturbing in the genre.

Locked Out continues the series in a non-linear fashion with new characters, although they are in the same timeframe and city as Locked In. Anna is head of a research facility whose life gets turned upside down as a result of an epidemic. The military invades the facility, we’re introduced to Major Cliff (I’m still trying to figure out if his name is a pun or inside joke) who subsequently informs Anna that her team has been reassigned to assist with discovering the cause of the epidemic.

This story is incredibly character driven, as almost every scene is occupied by interaction between two or more people, creating a pace that’s panicked yet well within the author’s control. The universe expands, as does the reader’s understanding of what Thea hopes to accomplish: death by ravenous horde.

Up next is Deadlocked which brings the trilogy full circle, as this book focuses on Frank, Haley’s partner from Locked In. Deadlocked begins as Frank and Haley part ways, and immediately recounts Frank’s plot during the time that Locked In takes place. The story follows Frank’s journey to ensure Haley’s safety. This is Thea’s most in depth character study yet, one that takes a lingering fear and exploits it into a full-on apocalypse.

All of Thea’s books are well written, and it’s evident that she has a passion for both her craft and horror. Currently she’s working on books 4-6 of the Zombie Bedtime Stories, and projects that they’ll all hit the digital market during 2012. Thea is also a NaNoWriMo winner, having completed the first draft of her Sci-Fi novel Sanity Vacuum this past November. For more information on Thea Isis Gregory, including links to buy the Zombie Bedtime Stories, visit her website and follow her on Twitter.

A Slice of Indie

This is a brand new feature here on Dreadful Tales, and one that we’re excited about. You all know that we know our stuff when it comes to the big names and publishers, and we’re damn good with the mid-sized presses. What we’re going to look at here are indie authors – or self-published authors if you prefer – and small press. While there has been a great deal of discussion on the quality of the work produced by independent/self-published authors, rest assured that we (I) have filtered through and will only be bringing you news and reviews of quality work. The only difference will be that you may not have heard of the authors before.

For this piece, we’re going to stick with announcements/on-sales from both December and January. Without further ado, here’s some good reading from folks you might not necessarily know. Click on the author or publisher’s name to be taken to their site.

Thea Isis Gregory – 3rd installment of her Zombie Bedtime Stories, Deadlocked was released just before Christmas. I’ve read her teaser story The Zombie’s Bride, her style is both satirical and brutal.

Guido Henkel – The 11th story in his Jason Dark series, Fu Manchu’s Vampire is scheduled to release sometime in January. Henkel has also compiled the first 3 books of the Jason Dark series into the Jason Dark Supernatural Mystery Collection 1. Books 1-3 are some of Guido’s strongest works, check them out.

Dark Moon Books – Their quarterly magazine Dark Moon Digest has just hit shelves with its 6th installment. They are also open for submissions from January 1 – February 29th.

William CookAngelic Knight Press have released Blood Related for Kindle on December 27th. The book has some fantastic blurbs from well respected authors. Keep an eye out on the press as well for their anthologies, they’re often accepting submissions.

Brian Johnson – Released his novel Hell To Pay some time ago digitally, but as of December 18th, the book is available on paperback.

Marissa Farrar – Has re-released her novel The Dark Road on Kindle, with print dates forthcoming.

Miranda Doerfler – Will be releasing her fourth short story collection Shadows At Dusk in early January. Colum had a chance to review one of her earlier works here.

Red TashThis Brilliant Darkness is now exclusive to Amazon, has a number of wonderful reviews and is now available in paperback.

CW LaSart – Plans to unleash Ad Nauseum – 13 Tales of Extreme Horror will be released in early January in every format imaginable.

G.R. Yeates – Expects to continue his Vetala Cycle series with the third installment Hell’s Teeth on January 20th.

Carole Gill – Released 13 Short Sharp Tales of Horror on December 8th.

Dark Continents Publishing – Have released Scott Nicholson‘s Monster’s Ink as of December 15th. Scott is an avid ambassador for the indie movement, and helps indie authors through the Indie Book Blog.

That’s all I’ve got for this edition. Remember to make Dreadful Tales your homepage, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. If you’d like to be included in a future post, or find out what’s going on in my world, here’s my blog or follow me on Twitter.