Holiday Horror for Kids – The Thief of Always by Clive Barker

When one thinks of Clive Barker, a million different things may come to mind. He defined fantasy with Imajica and The Great and Secret Show. He seduced us with Galilee, and horrified us with his Books of Blood and The Hellbound Heart. His movies have shown us scores of things we never would have otherwise seen. If you’re a fan, you’re no doubt already aware of The Thief of Always, a truly classic work of fantasy and horror for children.

Harvey Swick is bored. Fearing that the ‘cruel, slumbering beast February’ will swallow him whole, Harvey must look into himself to find out what it really is that he wants. All of his questions are answered with the arrival of a stranger named Rictus, who offers to take him away from all the boredom. Their destination is The Holiday House, where Harvey soon finds that every day spans all seasons and whatever he wishes for will come true. With Spring every morning, Summer every afternoon, Autumn and Halloween every evening, and Winter and Christmas every night, what more could any child want? Upon entering The Holiday House, Harvey finds two friends – Lulu and Wendell – to spend his days with in happiness. That is, until he finds that things aren’t entirely what they seem…and there may be no escape from The Holiday House.

A fantastic story, this young adult novel is essential reading for a burgeoning horror fan and anyone with a thirst for something truly unique. Come on back Wednesdays this month for more holiday horror for kids!