All Hallow’s Read (Day 17) A scary book for…

…someone who loves to laugh.

MonsterMatt’s Bad Monster Jokes: Vol. 1 is a collection of groan worthy hiccups and hilarious jokes that will have you laughing at the genre, and knowing you’re in the presence of a real fan.

All Hallow’s Read is a book-giving tradition thought up by author Neil Gaiman. We’ll be making book suggestions all month long in case you need ideas!

Media Release: MonsterMatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol. 1

For those of you who don’t follow MonsterMatt Patterson on Twitter, this is a man who knows his horror inside and out. A real-life monster kid, Matt has been reading, watching, and collecting horror stuff for a very, very long time. His repertoire is unending, his jokes so bad they’re good, and his undying love for the genre is completely unmatched.

And now this.

Volume 1 of MonsterMatt’s Bad Monster Jokes is about to be unleashed on the buying public. If you love laughing, groaning, and shaking your head in absolute disbelief, then this one is for you.

Take a look at the official Press Release after the break, and then go get your hands on a copy of this book. I’m telling you, it’s destined to be a cult classic that kids of all ages will pull from their shelves and share with their friends, for years to come. Continue reading