Helping The Hoss: A Benefit Book Auction for James Newman

84c9ed4990970a82390b65.L._V366663705_SX200_It’s no doubt that all of you folk who are steeped in the genre already know about James’ injury, and the subsequent medical expenses that have arisen from this unfortunate incident. And it’s no surprise that the genre stepped up and took matter into their own hands, whether sending good ju-ju Newman’s way, or offering to kick the bark off of the offending tree that assailed such a gifted young man.

Well, for all of us who wish we could help in a bigger way… now you can! And you can manage to grab some major league purchases to go along with your generosity, as well!

Take a look over at Ronald Kelly’s blog for more info on how you can “Help the Hoss”.

We’re behind this auction 100%.

THE WICKED by James Newman

the wickedWhen James Newman announced the release of his 80’s throwback The Wicked from Shock Totem Publications fans were in a frenzy. Newman has an established and loyal fan base among horror lit circles that continues to grow. He’s also exhibited a keen talent for nostalgic homage pieces like his 2010 head-nod to exploitation and Quentin Tarantino with Revenge Flick! (check out Pat Dreadful’s review here). But in addition his increasing following and a penchant for connecting with fanboy (and girls’) hearts, it was also Shock Totem’s magnificent paint and canvas cover art by Jesse David Young that had readers clambering for their copy.

In an age of generic digital-made covers typical of $0.99 eBook releases, Newman’s throwback cover left fans swooning over the novel like a high school crush. Sigh. The font, the old man’s evil eyes, the faux worn edges… there’s even a fake sale sticker on the back! It’s truly magnificent. Any grim reader worth his weight in paperbacks knows that you can’t judge a book by its horrific cover, so what about the insides? Are they as wonderfully gruesome as the outside? Short answer is yes. Six hundred and sixty-six times, yes! Continue reading

Dreadful Tales Book Club – July Edition

Banner courtesy of Mark Brown, a.k.a. Dark MarkWe have the perfect summer read for the Dreadful Tales Book Club this July (twenty-twelve is already halfway over!?), James Newman’s The Wicked. We’ve uttered the name Newman more than a few times around here and knew when we saw the cover for the reprint of The Wicked that this had to be the next Book of the Month. Well, it was actuallyRue Morgue Magazine’s Stuart FEEDBACK Andrews that put the bug in our ear, but it took very little convincing. Still, thank you, FEEDBACK!

Fans went nuts when they saw Jesse David Young’s artwork for Shock Totem’s revised and expanded edition. Reviews started rolling in shortly after the re-release with equal praise for the story promising that Newman’s book was bringing back the beloved horror heyday of the 80s.

I hope you will join us this sweltering July as we pull up a chair next to the window air-conditioner to cool off with a read that promises to deliver 80s horror nostalgia and a good scary story. This will actually be my first Newman experience, so it’s extra special for me.

You can get your copy from Shock Totem or Amazon in Kindle or paperback format. With a cover like that I had to have the real thing, so I opted for the worn looking paperback version which comes with faux grocery store price tag and all.

If you’re still wrapping up the June Book of the Month, Michael Louis Calvillo’s Lambs, don’t forget to stop by and share your thoughts at The Mortuary’s official thread here. For July’s discussion of The Wicked, you can connect with readers here.

Join usssssssssssss!


Thunderstorm Releases Ronald Kelly Essentials

Starting this past October, Thunderstorm Books is releasing the Ronald Kelly Essentials – a collection featuring all 8 of Kelly’s books published by Zebra in the 90s.

While Thunderstorm will not be publishing these in any particular order, the collection will be released with their original (pre-Zebra) titles, will boast the same top-notch production values as Thunderstorm’s Black Voltage titles, and will also feature the incredible art of Alex McVey. When complete, the spines of the collection will create a finished piece by McVey, a feature that I’m always really excited to see.

The attention to detail in this collection looks phenomenal, and includes everything from a “The Writing of…” feature, detailing the thoughts and process behind each novel, and a new novella/novelette using characters and settings from each story, in each volume. Any fan of Kelly can get behind this idea. If you haven’t heard of this author (because you live under a rock), you can (and should) start rectifying that right now.

The Essentials will be released on a quarterly basis, starting with Undertaker’s Moon and Fear, are limited to a print run of 125, and priced at $65 each.

As a bonus, direct customers who buy all 8 volumes, will also receive a free hardcover chapbook featuring new stories by Bryan Smith, Scott Nicholson, Nate Southard and James Newman. A fantastic incentive.

For more information, check out Thunderstorm Books and Ronald Kelly’s website.


All Hallow’s Read (Day 29) A scary book for…

…your favorite student.

Kyle is a ordinary twelve year old who is coming of age under very extraordinary circumstances.  This is a story that every student should read as they try to hold on to the magic of youth while facing the trials of adulthood.  Midnight Rain is horror fiction at its finest.

All Hallow’s Read is a book-giving tradition thought up by author Neil Gaiman. We’ll be making book suggestions all month long in case you need ideas!