Free Fiction Friday!

Well, the week is finally drawing to a close and here at the Dreadful Tales offices we like nothing more than a good read on a Friday afternoon.  In fact, the only thing we enjoy more than a well-written story on a Friday is a FREE story on a Friday and we have a sneaking suspicion that a few of our readers may feel the same way so we present to you some of the best places to find some fantastic genre fiction on the internet.  Enjoy!

Sawbones:  I know we ramble on about how much we love Ed and his unique brand of horror but he is the real deal, folks.  His new serial novel is a testament to the man’s writing prowess so go to the site and check out some free fiction from one of our favorite new authors.

Horror Drive-In:  This is one of favorite sites.  Mark does an amazing job with his forum and news, but what makes Horror Drive-In so freakin’ cool is the free stories from names like Malfi, Skipp and Newman.  With names like that, how can you lose?

Night Calls the Green Falcon: Robert McCammon has plenty of short stories available for free on his site and all of them are well worth your time but there is one in particular that I tend to read at least once a month.  That story is “Night Calls the Green Falcon” and it is absolutely brilliant.  When McCammon refers to movie theaters as “the cathedrals of light and shadow”……. well, it gets me every time.

Inazuma:  Mike Oliveri gives us an amazing short story that packs quite a bunch.  “Inazuma” is a downright frightening tale focusing on the plight of Dan, a man who notices some peculiar changes in his wife after she is struck by lightning. The tension is masterfully built as Oliveri slowly reveals the reason for the change in Dan’s wife. The result is nothing short of bone chilling. It is amazing how well Oliveri is able to get your heart pounding in such a short amount of time.

We hope you enjopy these stories as much as us. We wish all of you a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for the continued support of Dreadful Tales.