Free Fiction Friday

Well, October is over and I’m sure you are all feeling that post Halloween hangover (I know I am!).  What better way to turn that frown upside down than with some amazing free fiction?  We have some really great links for you in this weeks FFF so get to clickin’ and before you know it, you won’t be stressing that you have to wait another 361 days before you can don that Cropsie costume and terrorize those pint sized Trick r’ Treaters!

As many of our faithful readers know, the Dreadful Tales staff loves us some Mike Oliveri. His werewolf noir thriller, Winter Kill, routinely gets mentioned on these pages so imagine our excitement when Indie Pulp offered up a free comic which is a prequel to the events of Winter Kill.  The comic is called Big Bad Wolves and is  available now so get on over to Indie Pulp to check it out.

I love Jeremy Shipp’s whimsical brand of bizarro.  It invokes the innocence of youth while still managing to conjure up some of the frightening images that you’re likely to find this side of a Carlton Mellick III story.  The man has a knock for making you laugh and cringe at a very primal level.  Dog, the piece that Jeremy did for 3:AM Magazine is a wonderful example of his talent.  Take a moment to check it out and then head over to his website and find out what all of the clowns are up to in the attic!