Blood Feud by Cullen Bunn

Blood Feud is my literary wasabi. That’s right, literary wasabi! It cleanses my palate between books. I have read this fantastic short story at least five times in the last month. It is just so good. I’m amazed that Cullen Bunn was able to pack so much hilarity and horror into 22,000 words.

Imagine an easy going American Folktale with a hefty dose of blood, spiders and the undead. All of this takes place in a backwoods town filled with some genuine “good ol’ boys”. Creating these Ozark Hillbillies is where Bunn really shines. He is a master of developing honest and engaging characters. Sure, the story was fresh but what made reading Blood Feud a special experience were those amazing characters. They really helped propel the story and provided some of the funniest moments I’ve read in awhile. The comedic timing was perfect and the one-liners were spot on. I was honestly laughing out loud. Heck, Bunn was even able to give a bull a strong and humorous personality. Isn’t that the mark of any great genre writer?

Blood Feud is the perfect novella. It heaps on the blood, the laughs and the action leaving the reader completely satisfied in the end. I think I’m still in awe that a vampire yarn told through the eyes of a country bumpkin would work so amazingly well.