The Girl on the Glider by Brian Keene

Glider-e-book-2-662x1024It’s veritably impossible, right now, to go through the usual intro/pre-review spiel that I’m wont to do with every single blabbering piece that I write. There’s really no need for it here.

You’re either familiar with this author’s previous work, or you’re not.

Most average horror/speculative fiction readers that inhabit the hallowed, stinky halls of this genre can admit to reading one, if not at least a few, of Keene’s novels, but there are a few of us who have followed his work for a long time who finally get to a piece that we aren’t familiar with, or that doesn’t tie into something else he’s done… something larger and more “labyrinthine”, for lack of a better word.

Simply put – The Girl on the Glider is Brian Keene’s best piece of work to date – something I would hate to see going unnoticed in the awards circuit. A piece this powerful deserves more recognition beyond the Keene brand, and very well could be one of the modern classics of our time. Continue reading

Dreadful Tales Guide to the Amazon 4-for-3 Sale

The Dreadful Staff absolutely loves when Amazon runs their incredible “4 for 3 Promotion”.  It is a fantastic chance to pick up some great books on the cheap.  The only problem is navigating through the Amazon site to find books that qualify for the “4 for 3 Promotion” so we decided to give you a list of Dreadful Tales approved authors and their works that are eligible for the promotion.  Enjoy! Continue reading