All Reviews (Listed by Author)



Ill At Ease by Mark West, Stephen Bacon, and Neil Williams

The Collectors by Matt Bell

Mysteries and Mayhem by David Benton

Campus Tramp by Lawrence Block

Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse by Max Brailler

Home by Carson Buckingham

Blood Feud by Cullen Bunn

Shatnerquake by Jeff Burk

Offline by Kealan Patrick Burke

The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke


Lambs by Michael Louis Calvillo

The Seven Days of Cain by Ramsey Campbell


Fear in Words Vol. 1- The Stories by Jason Darrick

Modern Day Horrors by Miranda Doefler

From Blood and Brain by Miranda Doefler


Giving Up The Ghost by Melissa Ecker


Soft Kiss, Hard Death by Tobin Elliott

Diavolino by Steve Emmett

NightWhere by John Everson

The Pumpkin Man by John Everson


Samson and Denial by Robert Ford


Mysteries and Mayhem by WD Gagliani

Savage Nights by WD Gagliani

Wolf’s Edge by WD Gagliani

The Tunnelers by Geoff Gander

Nowhere Hall by Kate Gardner

Hero by Wrath James White and JF Gonzalez


Give Chase by Shana Hammaker

Donor by Elena Hearty



The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz


Pain Cages by Paul Kane

After The Burn by Richard Kelly

Alone by Brian Keene

The Cage by Brian Keene

Dead Sea by Brian Keene

Entombed by Brian Keene


To Fight With Monsters by Brian Keene and Michael Oliveri

Ur by Stephen King

Rotters by Daniel Kraus

Bleed by Ed Kurtz


Johnny Gruesome by Gregory Lamberson

The Frenzy Way by Gregory Lamberson

Personal Demons by Gregory Lamberson

Desperate Souls by Gregory Lamberson

Cosmic Forces by Gregory Lamberson

The Beast House by Richard Laymon

Beware! by Richard Laymon

The Cellar by Richard Laymon

Flesh by Richard Laymon

Friday Night in Beast House by Richard Laymon

Funland by Richard Laymon

The Midnight Tour by Richard Laymon

Night Show by Richard Laymon

The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon

The Wilds by Richard Laymon

The Woods Are Dark by Richard Laymon

Lucifer’s Lottery by Edward Lee

Slither by Edward Lee

Genesis of Evil by Nile J. Limbaugh

The Circle by Bentley Little

Ursa Major by John R Little


Borealis by Ronald Malfi

The Separation by Ronald Malfi

Snow by Ronald Malfi

The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn by Lisa Mannetti

Mine by Robert McCammon

What They Hear in the Dark by Gary McMahon

The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town by Gregory Miller

Night Owls by Charlie Morgan

Shadows in the Mist by Brian Moreland


Animosity by James Newman

Midnight Rain by James Newman

Revenge Flick! by James Newman

sWitch by Scott Norton


Multiplex Fandango by Weston Ochse

The Pack: Winter Kill by Michael Oliveri

To Fight With Monsters by Brian Keene and Michael Oliveri

Waiting Out The Winter by Kelli Owen

The Neighborhood by Kelli Owen


The Gospel of Bucky Dennis by J.R. Parks

Nightface by Lydia Peever

Symphony of Blood by Adam Pepper

My Fake War by Andersen Prunty

Down The Drain by Daniel Pyle



Suicide Girls in the Afterlife by Gina Ranalli

Angel Board by Kristopher Rufty


Rico Slade Will F****** Kill You! by Bradley Sands

For Emmy by Mary SanGiovanni

Forest of Shadows by Hunter Shea

Bloodrush by Bryan Smith

Darkened by Bryan Smith

House of Blood by Bryan Smith

Kayla and the Devil by Bryan Smith

This Little Light of Mine by Nate Southard

Specimen 313 by Jeff Strand


Torn by Lee Thomas

Crooked Stick Figures by Lee Thompson



The Horror Hall of Fame: The Stoker Winners by various authors

The Starfish Girl by Athena Villaverde


Hero by Wrath James White and JF Gonzalez

Population Zero by Wrath James White

The Resurrectionist by Wrath James White

Ill At Ease by Mark West, Stephen Bacon, and Neil Williams

Heart of Glass by David Winnick




The Last Invasion by Brandon Zuern

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