Jake Helman Returns in “Storm Demon” – October 2013

StormDemon_front-1This October, the ever tortured Jake Helman will be facing one of earth’s oldest women, and no doubt a slew of new punishments in Storm Demon, the fifth book in the Jake Helman Files.

Lamberson recently revealed the cover and synopsis for this new, exciting installment into one of my favorite series, and goddamn is it a beautiful one.

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Together, We Cannes Do It!

20130209170106-798356_4611749980003_1600169614_oI’ve been watching Troma films for almost 20 of my 31 years of life. There’s not a single thing in my life that I can think of with that sort of “fan boy” longevity.

And yeah, I’m fully aware that Troma releases some of the campiest, strangest, most off-the-wall independent horror fare out there. So, why have such a life-long fascination for the crazed musings of Uncle Lloyd and co.?

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Click-Clack The Rattlebag by Neil Gaiman

Happy Hallowe’en!

It’s also All Hallows’ Read, a festival that Neil Gaiman thought up 2 years ago, which proposes that on Hallowe’en, or during the week of Hallowe’en, we give each other scary books.  In the spirit of such a fun literary holiday, and also in an effort to suck up to my beloved Gaiman by doing everything he tells me to, I have listened to my very first audio book.

I know, I know.  Some people LOVE audio books; they save time, and they’re portable, and blah blah blah.  But they’ve just never been my thing.  I like to feel and smell and see the words, even as they paint a picture in my mind.  It took me ages to come around to e-books, and even then it was only to allow more room in my suitcase for shoes when I travel.  But my main problem with audio books is the voices.  If the narrator has a particular way of speaking (i.e. annoying), or a strange accent, or even if they just have too much POW! BANG! SLAM! during the exciting parts, it completely distracts me from the story.

All that being said, if anyone could have made me listen to (read?) an audio book, it was Neil Gaiman.  He is my absolute favourite author, whether it be novels, graphic novels, short stories or kids books. So, when Neil announced on his blog that he had teamed up with Audible to release a new, unpublished short story, (for free!), I was willing to give it a shot.  Especially considering it’s also narrated by Neil Gaiman, so I can’t be mad about the voice.  As an added incentive, Audible will donate $1 for every download through Halloween to the education charity DonorsChoose.

 “‘What kind of story would you like me to tell you?’ ‘Well,’ he said, thoughtfully, ‘I don’t think it should be too scary, because then when I go up to bed, I will just be thinking about monsters the whole time. But if it isn’t just a little bit scary, then I won’t be interested. And you make up scary stories, don’t you?'” So begins this sweet, witty, deceptive little tale from master storyteller Neil Gaiman. Lock the doors, turn off the lights, and enjoy. (Audible)

As mentioned, this is a short story, which Neil read at the George Mason Award evening, and it will be published in a forthcoming anthology.  The whole thing is only about 12 minutes long, and starts off with a brief introduction about All Hallows’ Read and the charitable donations.  Around the 2 minute mark, we get into the story, which is being told from the point of view of a guy taking care of his girlfriend’s little brother.  The boy requests a bedtime story, one that’s just the right amount of scary, while they walk through the big, old, and very dark house.  The boy specifically asks for a story about Click-Clack the Rattle Bag, because those are the best kinds of stories, and “Click-Clacks are the best monsters ever”.  They’re even scarier than vampires.

As always, Gaiman does an excellent job of setting up the story, and detailing the surroundings in a way that put a vivid picture in your head.  The use of the first person narration, as well as the language and phrasing used by the little boy, manage to inject you into the conversation.  There are a bare minimum of sound effects here, but they are used wisely to mimic a creaky old house.  The story is obviously a more family-friendly kind of scary, but the description of what Click-Clacks “do to people” is icky enough to give kids pause.

All in all, this is a great little story, and a perfect Hallowe’en treat (to go with the mountain of candy I am currently devouring).  I am intrigued by how different it is to hear a story, as opposed to reading it; it was kinda like listening to a spooky story being told around a campfire.

So, in the words of Neil Gaiman: “Go to www.Audible.com/ScareUs to download it if you’re in the US or the rest of the world except the UK and www.Audible.co.uk/ScareUs to download it if you’re in the UK/Commonwealth. And then download the story. As I may have told you already, it’s free — absolutely, utterly, perfectly free.

James Newman’s HOLY ROLLERS is being adapted for the big screen!

We, here at Dreadful Tales, are huge fans of James Newman.  I guess those who know me probably tire of hearing how Newman is one of the best talents in the genre so it will come as no surprise that I completely lost it when I heard that his short story, Holy Rollers, was being adapted into a film.  James is looking for some supporters to help him get the film made and that is where you come in.  He has set up an Indie GoGo site to help fund the project.

Now, we normally don’t post this type of thing but Holy Rollers is a project that I wholeheartedly believe in and wanted to pass along the information to the DT community.  James is a fantastic writer and one of the nicest folks you’re likely to meet so nothing would make me happier than to see this project get funded.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the story for free and decide for yourself!


Good luck, James!  The whole DT staff is pulling for you!

From the HOLY ROLLER’s Indiegogo site:

We are attempting to raise $5000 to shoot James Newman’s Holy Rollers. 100% of the money raised will go into the production, carrying us throughout the post-production process and beyond. James Newman’s Holy Rollers will be submitted to film festivals worldwide and we are confident that it will shock, scare, amaze and impress audiences the world over.

The film has been budgeted at $5000 which will allow us to pay for the best talent we can find, both in front of AND behind the camera, as well as equipment rental, location fees, catering, editing and sound work in post, music clearances, travel and lodging, and more!

We have different contribution levels with some amazing perks which include digital downloads, DVD/Blu-Ray’s, scripts, T-shirts, books, and more. While we understand that most contributions to our film will come in the $25-$50 range, we highly encourage those who may be so inclined to become a “Hundred-Fold Blessing” contributor as that will get you an extremely-limited edition copy of “Holy Rollers: The Film Companion”, a book that contains both the original short story and the filming script. This book will also contain exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, a new preface by author/screenwriter James Newman, and a foreword by director Kevin Woods. This limited edition will be signed by the author and director.

We are also offering an exclusive Eternal Companion perk which will include one edition of every chapbook, every novella, every novel released after 1/1/13 for the author’s lifetime (*excludes Lettered editions). There is only ONE of these available, so fans of Mr. Newman’s work should act fast!

But any of our contribution levels will have some great perks and we are truly appreciative of any contribution to this campaign. We are excited about this film and we absolutely need YOUR help to make it happen. So please, consider contributing to “James Newman’s Holy Rollers” IndieGoGo campaign, and help us make this film the best it can be!

If we do not reach our $5000 goal here on IndieGoGo, fear not…we have other tricks up our sleeve to make the film happen and you will one day be able to see it. But we prefer that it happens sooner rather than later, and that’s why we need your help to get this in front of the cameras in a timely manner. The money raised from this initial campaign will still go 100% into the production and contributors will receive their promised perks. We WILL make this film happen and we deeply appreciate YOUR support!

Other Ways You Can Help

Yes, times are tough. Sometimes you want to help out…you want to be instrumental in helping get “James Newman’s Holy Rollers” shot…but the money just isn’t there. That’s ok! You can still help us by spreading the word about this campaign! You got a Facebook, right? And just about everyone is on Twitter nowadays. Share our campaign! Anywhere! Everywhere! Help us get the word out about our film on your social networking pages, your website or blog, anywhere! Believe us, your support is just as important as money! We need folks to get behind us, either monetarily or through their actions. So please share our campaign wherever you see fit! It is greatly appreciated.

You can also share our website which can be found at http://www.holyrollersthefilm.info.

Dark Regions Summer Sale


Award-winning publisher of horror, dark fiction, fantasy and science fiction Dark Regions Press is launching their first-ever Horror Summer Sale!  All products on the DarkRegions.com website have been discounted up to 50% off retail price for a limited time.  This includes all novels, novellas, short story collections, poetry collections and sculptures on the company website.  All orders can be handled directly through DarkRegions.com.

Dark Regions Press has published hundreds of authors since its inception in 1985.  It is a specialty press, producing leather-bound lettered or numbered Deluxe Hardcover editions signed by both author and artist, Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover editions signed by the author, Trade Paperback editions and more recently e-book editions.  The press has gained worldwide recognition and praise for the books it produces