About Pat

Father of two.  Impregnator of one. Pat lives in the backwoods of Pennsylvania where he splits his time moonshining and moonlighting. He used to be the sole proprietor of a funky little site called Grade Z Horror but jumped at the chance to work with Meli and Colum. He was raised on King and Crichton but quickly found true salvation in the works of Ketchum and Laymon. When not selling plasma to afford those highly sought after Jeff Strand limited editions, Pat can be found sitting on his back porch with a pipe as the sounds of summer come through a beat up transistor radio. Simply put, he is a true ramblin’ boy of pleasure.

The books that have shaped Pat’s warped lil’ ol’ mind  include Dweller by Jeff Strand, It by Stephen King, Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon, The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon and The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum.  Pat is always on the lookout for a good coming-of-age yarn so shoot your suggestions to PatDreadful@gmail.com

You can also follow his unsavory exploits over at theblackwoodsbible.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “About Pat

  1. Niiiice, Pat. BOY’S LIFE = my favorite novel of all time. THE GIRL NEXT DOOR = my 3rd favorite novel of all time.

    Yeah, we’ll get along just fine. 🙂

    James Newman

      • #2: CAGE OF NIGHT by Ed Gorman
        #4: a 4-way tie (yeah, I’m cheating) between CUJO, CHRISTINE, THE SHINING, and THE DEAD ZONE by Stephen King
        #5: UNIVERSITY by Bentley Little


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