About Kendra

This red headed fireball was born and raised in the uncharted wastelands of frozen Northern Canada. So frozen was this land, that Kendra and her family of ravenous space monsters were… what? Oh… see, this is why you don’t let other people write your bio, Kendra.

Growing up geek and raised on a steady diet of comics, Mel Brooks movies, classic rock, and TMNT, Kendra’s insane pop culture expertise shines through like a beacon in an otherwise “hipster” landscape. But don’t you ever talk about hipsters to this sometimes Northern Ontarian/British Colombian/Quebecer. She’s likely to go all HULK SMASH on something and then you’re gonna be facing a lifetime full of wondering as to what in the hell all of those French words she screamed actually meant, or if she makes ’em up as she goes along.

This devilishly dashing darling isn’t the biggest horror fan in the world, but she’ll clobber you with the classics, gore you with her Gaiman knowledge, and whoop you at Whedon trivia. And don’t get her started on her Disney Trivial Pursuit… that’s a topic even the late great Walt himself probably couldn’t even best her at.

Kendra prides herself on having a fully alphabetized (and impressive) book collection, a DVD library that would make the most serious of collectors drool, and more pep in her step than Mickey Mouse on fast-forward.

Send this lady comics, graphic novels, and anything dark and full of fantasy. She loves a great escape with her fiction, and promises she won’t go off on a rant… too often.


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