About Colum

Back from the frozen lands of Canada’s sharpest northern point, this raging Irish cloud of doom comes ready to give an ass-kicking to horror lit’s finest and make his reader’s eyes bleed with the ferocity of his reckless reviews. Most of his heroes have long since died, so this pretty little punk rock pauper ain’t got nothing to lose. And having just reclaimed his shattered spirit from the brink of insanity, you know he’s on the warpath and eating up every word set before him like a smorgasbord of stories simmering beside a tasty helping of your evil, blood-spattered little soul.

Beware this great Canadian beast, as his bark may be brutal, but his bite is far worse. Well… if you can understand a damned thing he’s saying, what with all the nonsensical and downright silly shit he writes. And the mouthful of FLESH! (yeah… let’s go with that…)The finger

Jesus… someone should stop this guy from writing his own bios.

Be forewarned, the books that caused this man’s wanton lust and craziness include works by Steve Vernon, Richard Laymon, John Everson, Greg Lamberson, Ed Kurtz, Tobin Elliott, Ian Rogers, and various other scribes worthy (read: unfortunate victims) of Colum’s rare style of inane wordiness. (this dude is seriously crazy. You should all probably hide.) While his influences are too many to be named, if you haunt these pages long enough you’ll be sure to pick up a theme or two.

Unlike most folks steeped in this genre, Colum reads almost anything put in front of him. He may not like it all, but you can send him horror of all types, paranormal romance, erotica, YA fiction, middle grade stories, board books, art books, bizarro, weird west, whatever your damned heart fancies. Like he (I) said, Colum may not like it, but he’ll sure as hell tell the world either way. Poor bastards…

Hit this Toronto Terror up at dreadfultalesstaff@gmail.com if you want to submit something for a flaying… er… review. Otherwise, he’ll probably just keep on keeping on with his old favorites and whoever is unlucky enough to meet him at a con and ask for a review.

3 thoughts on “About Colum

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  2. Very sorry to hear via automated email response that you’re not accepting ARCS for review, Colum! I was genuinely looking forward to you eating my evil, blood-spattered little soul. It’s a sad day indeed.

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