News Release: Medallion Press Release The TREEbook


On June 1st, 2014, Medallion Press took the first steps into the future of Ebook technology, and ushered forth a new era of Jetson-esque reading. And while those who read on their iPads may still find that they can’t use the device as a hoverboard, unlike the aforementioned futuristic family, one might still be entertained just enough to fuhgeddaboudit.

Now, while I’ve read what can be called the “trunk” story of Medallion’s newest TREElease (see what I did there?), The Julian Year by Gregory Lamberson, and can honestly say it’s a goddamned blast, I haven’t had a chance to check out the Time Reading Experience Ebook out, performing in all its glory.

But what I can tell from others who have reviewed it is that it’s a great experience. And damnit, the internet is never wrong.

Read on for news on what Medallion has in store for its readers.
We’ll have a review of The Julian Year up soon.



CHICAGO, IL – June 2014 – Medallion Press, a subsidiary of Medallion Media Group, has developed a new technology aimed at revolutionizing the reading experience for millions of book lovers across the globe.

TREEbook is a patented new technology which allows authors and publishers to create novels with multiple story branches, giving readers the possibility of a unique and completely unpredictable reading experience over and over again. Based on each reader’s individual reading habits, each TREEbook-enhanced story has the potential to seamlessly branch down new and undiscovered story lines, giving greater insight to the characters, a deeper look at the story, and even alternate endings—all within one book. There are no choices to make. Readers simply read at leisure, while the TREEbook technology works in the background.

“It gives readers a chance to experience a story like never before,” says Adam Mock, COO of Medallion Media Group and one of the inventors of TREEbook. “We’ve taken the traditional reading experience and enhanced it with our innovative TREEbook technology, which has the ability to organically branch a story down alternate paths. So if you’re ready to dive into the next level of reading, this is it.”

Medallion Press has five TREEbook-enhanced novels scheduled to release by end of 2015. Genres range from Horror to Historical Fiction.

As of now, there’s only one way to experience TREEbook-enhanced novels, which is to download Medallion Media Group’s free MMG Sidekick app for the iPad.

The very first TREEbook-enhanced novel release is The Julian Year by award-winning horror author Gregory Lamberson (The Jake Helman Files, The Frenzy Wolves Cycle). In The Julian Year one of the main characters, Julian Weizak, an obituary writer in New York, celebrates his birthday alone in a bar on New Year’s Eve. At the stroke of midnight, scores of homicides break out on the East Coast.

Julian discovers that, in all, 20,000 murders are committed that night in New York alone, with the murder epidemic spreading across the country and the world, time zone by time zone. At midnight each day thereafter, 19,178,082 people around the world become homicidal maniacs, contributing to the biggest killing spree in history. It looks as if the chaos can lead to only one end: the extinction of mankind.

To learn more about the TREEbook visit

For more information about Gregory Lamberson or his TREEbook novel The Julian Year, visit

For questions about the technology behind the TREEbook visit the blog of MMG’s Executive Director of Technology, Brian Buck, accessible from the homepage

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