All Hallow’s Read 2013 (Day 14)

I know my fellow staff might be a little upset with me by doing this, but I’m hijacking this post today.


See, today is my birthday. Even Google knows it, so… I figure they can’t be too mad.

Now, generally, I hate the fucking day, and I just want to make it through without strangling someone, and today is definitely no exception.

But today I want you to do something for me, and I’m calling in whatever birthday powers there are that I might have at my disposal.

Today I want you to help someone in need. Call it a gift to me, call it an All Hallow’s Read miracle, or just call it good karma. Whatever you do, just try to do it.

25-Steve-Niles-bisSteve Niles, the creator of the impeccable 30 days of Night series, Criminal Macabre, The Golem, and countless other seminal comic book stories, has lost nearly everything he owns in a flash flood that slammed Austin, Texas this past weekend. And it’s not over yet. From the news reports I’ve read, they’re bracing for more soon.

You can send a donation via Paypal to help Steve get back on his feet at

Think about it. You could spend a few bucks on a coffee today, or a buy Kindle e-book, or hell… you could spend your money on a birthday present for a friend.

Or you could help someone in need…


Say something, dammit!

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