Dreadful Tales Book Club – September 2013 Edition

NOS4A2Join us this month at Dreadful Tales and The Mortuary as we return to Stephen King to revisit his second published novel the classic Salem’s Lot. King himself has describe this novel as his favourite of all his books. Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula it is King’s imagining of what would happen if a vampire visited 20th century small town America and with it he breathed life into what was a well worn horror staple. If you have read it I hope like me you relish the chance to revisit this masterpiece and if you haven’t I believe you are in for a treat.

I’m sure you will enjoy meeting Mr. Barlow and he’ll enjoy you!

-Dark Mark

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About Dark Mark

Dark Mark is an English artist and adventurer who is currently located in the darkest region of the former Australasian colonies. When not battling for survival against the local flora and fauna he can usually be found cowering behind the covers of a well worn novel of mystery and imagination. Mark is currently a moderator and graphic designer in residence at The Mortuary: Dissecting the horror genre since 2003.

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