Dreadful Tales Book Club – May 2013 Edition


This beautiful banner is courtesy of Mark Brown, a.k.a. Dark Mark

Dreadful Tales has a number of enthusiastic members who consistently read the book of the month as well as chime in on The Mortuary message boards to discuss their thoughts, so this month I handed the baton to a gentleman that goes by the moniker Nut of the Living Dead (“When there’s no more room in shell…” Pretty clever, huh?), and as you can see from the lovely banner above, he chose one of Stephen King’s earlier titles, Firestarter.

Like Nut, the only recollection I have of Firestarter is the film adaptation starring Drew Barrymore as Charlie which I watched probably some 20 years ago. The only memory I have of that movie is Miss Barrymore sweating and setting shit on fire which I’m pretty sure I thought was cool as hell when I was younger. I think this time around I will be able to appreciate the psychological trauma, confusion, and moral struggle that comes with that kind of power.

I hope all you diehard King fans, King fans-in-training, and those who have yet to read a King novel will join us to celebrate one of King’s earlier works. As always, we’ll all be hanging out here and chatting about the book.

“See” you there!


4 thoughts on “Dreadful Tales Book Club – May 2013 Edition

  1. hi meli,new here what you been reading? myself brian keene, j.f. gozalez, bentley little, and ed lee 🙂

    • Hey, Ed! Just finished up David Wong’s JOHN DIES AT THE END and reading, of course, Stephen King’s FIRESTARTER 🙂 Also gonna start reading some Brian Moreland soon.

  2. Good book, not my favorite, but quite exciting and lively, better then the movie. George C. Scott did a really good job, but it was definitely casting against type!

    • I’m loving the book so far. Definitely going to have to rewatch the movie when I’m done with the book since it’s been at least 15 years since I watched it.

      If you’re up to it, stop by http://www.the-mortuary.com in The Psychopedia Necronomicon section to chat about the book or other books!

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