Letters From New York by Monica S. Kuebler

Lookie lookie! First we get all sorts of awesome weather up here in Canadadada, then we get to watch kids get all weird on chocolate and freaky bunnies, and now I’m finding out that Monica S. Kuebler, the mistress of macbre and author of the online serial novel, Bleeder, is launching a new online tale in the very near future!

As you’ll recall from our exclusive sneak peek of Bleeder back in December ’11, we were stoked about following Mildred’s journey through her own personal hell. Now, as we’ve learned that Monica is an unstoppable force in the dark YA lit scene what with her firsthand knowledge of the genre and all the trappings therein, I’m sure we’ll have something much more insane on our hands.



 Until Mills and Keel, the sorcerer-vampire bond was solely the stuff of folklore and legend – a whispered myth with one hell of a body count.

Now Mills has returned to New York City, to human life, but the bond is reawakening.

And someone knows her secret. 

All her secrets…

While it may have eclipsed its original start date, I can assure you that this will not be something to be missed.

Keep an eye on www.bleederbook.com for more information, and stay tuned to DT for more news on Bleeder and Letters from New York: A Blood Magic Novella.

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