Bargain, Bargain, Bargain!

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There are two things I love in these tight economic times. Free food, and free coffee. And when I can’t have those, I dig me some cookies… but that qualifies as food. And damn if I don’t like looking at all this lists of “26 people you should be happy you aren’t friends with”, and “50 pictures of one corgi looking cuter than a porkchop in a convection oven full of singing daisies”.

And then, when all else fails, I love me some free ebooks.

That’s why I’m so damned stoked about Brian James Freeman’s new website, eHorrorBargains.

Already, he’s scoured the entirety of the internet and brought us bagains on books by the likes of Stephen King, Joe Hill, William Peter Blatty, Clive Barker, and so many more. Hell, if I didn’t already own a ton of these in paperback and hardcover, I’d probably be over there spending all of my bill money on them right now.

But alas, I have financial obligations and… awwww screw it. I’m heading over there to snag The Exorcist for $4. Seriously. If you haven’t read this one, you’re obviously living under a rock. And blind. Or possibly dead. Or maybe you never even existed and I’m just sitting here blabbing to nobody. Because seriously… why the hell wouldn’t you have read it already?

And hell, if you’re going to read The Exorcist for the first time, I suggest you read The Amityville Horror right after, just like my mother did 30+ years ago, and like I did around 10 years ago. Your nightmares will thank you, and your pee-soaked mattress will hate you.

Okay. Never mind. Just go visit the hell out of this site. Now now now.


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