A Dark Christmas With John Everson

John_Everson_-_Horror_AuthorEVERYBODY knows that I have a thing for John Everson’s books, right? I hope I’ve made that readily apparent, because I seriously admire this guy and his stories.

See, it’s often that I have authors come to me for things like some sort of “fan” reaction, and in the case of some authors – proofing and general story opinions/suggestions, before they release their latest mind-blabber on the masses. And although I wish this was the case with John, it’s isn’t. But that ain’t saying I’m not kept apprised of his mad scientist ways. No no no. John really loves to get my fires stoked with his crazy ideas and, in turn, driving me absolutely nuts knowing that I have to wait.

So, naturally, when I asked John to write up a wish list for our little happy-happy-fun-fun time here, I sat on my ass staring at my inbox. Now I’m completely stoked to bring this incredible, completely inspiring, and somewhat touching piece of Christmas awesomeness your way.

Join John and myself on Christmas Eve-Eve, while he takes us a walk through the young, wide eyed corner of his mind. If you’ve read John’s books, I think you’re going to be a little surprised by what you’ll find.

All I Want For Christmas…


…is too much. I’ve got an Amazon wish list of albums and DVDs I’ve earmarked during the year, and that’s what I give to the family at Christmas when they ask for “my list”. And ya know, you can always use underwear and socks. But… what do I really WANT for Christmas? Not many people are in the position to give me the things on that list, it seems. I’d like to hang out in the Blue Room of NightWhere now and then… but… that place doesn’t exist. Or so the voices tell me.


It’s kind of funny how, the older you get, the larger the price tags become on your dreams, ain’t it? I mean, I remember when the most important thing in the world was that Matchbox Car racetrack set with the double aerial loops.  That was what, like $25? One year, 

These days, the Christmas list “wants” are either impossible to package (I’d like more hours in the day, please) or astronomical in $$. But, what the hell. Santa can move through time and space and get 300 pounds of bulk down a billion chimneys. So why not ask? Here’s my 12 Days of Christmas List:
I remember saving all my Christmas money (and then some) to buy my first “boom box”. What was that – $75 or $100?

1) I’d like a day where I get to have breakfast with Alfred Hitchcock, lunch with Dario Argento and dinner with Jean Rollin. Hell, one of those is still actually even physically possible.hitchcock_quiche

2) I’d like to have a big Hollywood movie made of Siren or The Pumpkin Man. I think they’d play well on the big screen!

brigitte-lahaie-063) I want to see a young Brigitte Lahaie play Sin-D in a well-financed but underground film version of NightWhere. It would be really perfect if  Sandra Julien, circa 1970, played Rae. It should feel like the ultimate 1970s European exploitation film.

4) I want to remodel my kitchen and home office so that the cabinet doors in the kitchen aren’t threatening to fall off, and so that my cockatoo has her own window to look out of into the backyard, and isn’t breathing down my neck (or more likely, shrieking at the back of my head) when I’m trying to write (her cage is right behind my computer – it’s a small office!) I think the proceeds from #2 would enable this!tumblr_mezzku0j0I1qj9z8jo1_250

5) I’d like the time and the contract to finally write the 3rd book in the Covenant/Sacrifice series. It’s not over folks.

1-tour-of-hell-james-anderson6) I’d like a guided tour of Hell, with a guarantee of safe return. I think it might help me as I write the third Covenant book. Or sequels to The 13th or NightWhere for that matter.

7) I’d like a Mata Hari pinball table. I grew up playing one at my inlaws’ house, and I really miss it! There’s a place for it now, in my basement. It’s waiting!

images-18) I’d like Edward Lee to get a seven-figure book deal. Because he deserves it more than any other modern horror author working today. His books make me read.

9) I’d like to spend a month in the studio writing songs with Robert Smith.  He should, naturally, sing them all… but it would be really cool if Elizabeth Fraser guested on a track.

10) I’d like a remastered Blu-Ray set of all of Jean Rollin’s Michel Gentil films. What can I say – I’m a collector, and the few VHS dubs that exist are horrible!MIchel Gentil

11) I’d like an unlimited stock of Pappy Van Winkle’s bourbon, along with Granville Island’s Nut Brown Ale (Vancouver), Hook & Ladder’s Backdraft Brown Ale (Maryland) and Knee Deep’s Tanilla Porter (California), Pints Pub’s John Bull Brown Ale (Denver), NOLA Brewing’s Brown Ale (New Orleans). The bourbon is hard to find anymore, and the beers are some of my favorites that I’ve tasted while travelling around the country… but none of them are available in Chicago.

12) After all the impossible dreams — or really, before them — I’d like my wife Geri and my son Shaun to have long, happy lives without worry. Me? Eh. I’ve had my moments already. I’m ok. In the end, while I’d love all of the above, I just want my family to be happy. And I want them – and all of my family, friends, and readers – to have a wonderful Christmas.



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