A Del-icious Christmas List From Dark Del, Himself

Del with his new book by David Slade copyDel Howison is the living embodiment of what it means to be a horror lit. fan. Hell… he’s the walking, talking, shock-white haired personification of what it is to live the dream in this genre.

See, In 1994, Del started selling books and memorabilia at conventions together with his wife, Sue Duncan, and eventually opening a physical store on December 4th, 1994, and stands as a sort of mecca for horror fans across the globe.

That store, as you may very well know, is Dark Delicacies – the one-stop-shop for all things awesome and bloody.

We’re super stoked to have Dell on board today for our traditional (1st inaugural?) “All I Want For Christmas” series of wish lists from the baddest of badasses in our genre.

Called “A Pandora’s Box of all things grim and grisly.” by The LA Times, Dark Delicacies caters to the evil inside of us all – offering literature, all sorts of macabre gifts, and DVDs up to any of those brave enough to saunter through their doors.

Photograph taken from JohnEverson.com

Photograph taken from JohnEverson.com

This establishment is literally the only “brick-and-mortar” store in the United States dedicated to Horror, but doesn’t stop there. Dark Delicacies has published a number of charity publications, including The Altruistic Alphabet and Conjuring Dark Delicacies (a horror-themed cookbook). (Ed. YAY for Wikipedia research!)

08 Dark Del Eclipse insideAnd even though I’ve never set foot in the place, I feel at home with the whole idea.  Just think… this is one of the venues that all manner of authors, actors, directors, screenwriters, etc., are proud to sign their wares. In addition to that, Dark Delicacies was the place where some of the world’s leading horror writers and fans spent an evening paying tribute to my literary hero, Richard Laymon. I don’t want to get into it too much, but you can read about it on Steve Gerlach’s – RLK website. Just scroll down to April 2, 2001.

I will make my way there, one day. And when I do, I want to bust in the doors, walk straight up to Del, and thank him. I want to thank him for writing this hilarious list for us, for writing some amazing stories (one of which was adapted for the show Fear Itself), for editing some of the most incredible Anthologies (I’m talking about Dark Delicacies 1, 2, and 3, folks), and for just being a totem in the horror community. Dark Delicacies

Without Del and Sue, I’m sure a lot of the world wouldn’t know what the hell we do in this genre – readers and writers alike.

Del’s list is short, it’s sweet, and it’s straight to the point. Just like this holiday should be.


All I want for Christmas

1. A drug administered through the air that makes people choke and gag whenever they mention something political during election periods.

2. A big damn conglomerate coming in and paying billions for my business.

3. Pets that never die or age. We pick the age and they stay that way forever.

4. Zombies to eat anybody who disagrees with me or who has no sense of humor.

5. Whiners to wake up and quit whining. They need to realize that they are in charge of most of what happens in their lives and to quit looking for excuses or other people to blame (sue).

6. An island of misfit people so I can avoid them.

7. Forced community nudity one day a week so people can get over their hang-ups about looks.

8. Something to learn every day.

9. Understanding and peace………or you die!

10. Hollywood writers to take part of the blame for their last strike which gave us the rise of the Reality Show. We may never forgive you.

11. And no religion too

– Del Howison (author, editor, and owner of Dark Delicacies)

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