James Newman’s HOLY ROLLERS is being adapted for the big screen!

We, here at Dreadful Tales, are huge fans of James Newman.  I guess those who know me probably tire of hearing how Newman is one of the best talents in the genre so it will come as no surprise that I completely lost it when I heard that his short story, Holy Rollers, was being adapted into a film.  James is looking for some supporters to help him get the film made and that is where you come in.  He has set up an Indie GoGo site to help fund the project.

Now, we normally don’t post this type of thing but Holy Rollers is a project that I wholeheartedly believe in and wanted to pass along the information to the DT community.  James is a fantastic writer and one of the nicest folks you’re likely to meet so nothing would make me happier than to see this project get funded.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the story for free and decide for yourself!


Good luck, James!  The whole DT staff is pulling for you!

From the HOLY ROLLER’s Indiegogo site:

We are attempting to raise $5000 to shoot James Newman’s Holy Rollers. 100% of the money raised will go into the production, carrying us throughout the post-production process and beyond. James Newman’s Holy Rollers will be submitted to film festivals worldwide and we are confident that it will shock, scare, amaze and impress audiences the world over.

The film has been budgeted at $5000 which will allow us to pay for the best talent we can find, both in front of AND behind the camera, as well as equipment rental, location fees, catering, editing and sound work in post, music clearances, travel and lodging, and more!

We have different contribution levels with some amazing perks which include digital downloads, DVD/Blu-Ray’s, scripts, T-shirts, books, and more. While we understand that most contributions to our film will come in the $25-$50 range, we highly encourage those who may be so inclined to become a “Hundred-Fold Blessing” contributor as that will get you an extremely-limited edition copy of “Holy Rollers: The Film Companion”, a book that contains both the original short story and the filming script. This book will also contain exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, a new preface by author/screenwriter James Newman, and a foreword by director Kevin Woods. This limited edition will be signed by the author and director.

We are also offering an exclusive Eternal Companion perk which will include one edition of every chapbook, every novella, every novel released after 1/1/13 for the author’s lifetime (*excludes Lettered editions). There is only ONE of these available, so fans of Mr. Newman’s work should act fast!

But any of our contribution levels will have some great perks and we are truly appreciative of any contribution to this campaign. We are excited about this film and we absolutely need YOUR help to make it happen. So please, consider contributing to “James Newman’s Holy Rollers” IndieGoGo campaign, and help us make this film the best it can be!

If we do not reach our $5000 goal here on IndieGoGo, fear not…we have other tricks up our sleeve to make the film happen and you will one day be able to see it. But we prefer that it happens sooner rather than later, and that’s why we need your help to get this in front of the cameras in a timely manner. The money raised from this initial campaign will still go 100% into the production and contributors will receive their promised perks. We WILL make this film happen and we deeply appreciate YOUR support!

Other Ways You Can Help

Yes, times are tough. Sometimes you want to help out…you want to be instrumental in helping get “James Newman’s Holy Rollers” shot…but the money just isn’t there. That’s ok! You can still help us by spreading the word about this campaign! You got a Facebook, right? And just about everyone is on Twitter nowadays. Share our campaign! Anywhere! Everywhere! Help us get the word out about our film on your social networking pages, your website or blog, anywhere! Believe us, your support is just as important as money! We need folks to get behind us, either monetarily or through their actions. So please share our campaign wherever you see fit! It is greatly appreciated.

You can also share our website which can be found at http://www.holyrollersthefilm.info.

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