Indie Genre Fiction – Panel FoF 2012

August 23, 8pm. A dais of independent, formerly self-published authors gathered in a meeting room to discourse on all things literary. The topics were aimed primarily at newcomers and fans, and the audience had no shortage of questions. The panel was moderated by Burning Effigy founder/boss, Monica S. Kuebler. Monica was joined by award-winning author Karen Dales, author Sass Cadeaux (which is a pseudonym methinks), sci-fi/paranormal author Stephen B. Pearl and horror author Alan Draven.

I’m going to let the video do most of the talking, but one statement I’d like to make as an independent self-published author, is a grand “thank you” to the panel for being honest. What the panelists explained in an hour took me 6 months to learn by fire. If you’re at all considering self-publishing, this video is for you.

Pay careful attention to the dos and don’ts provided throughout, and enjoy the video.

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