Lamberson and Co. Bring Readers Some Freebies!

Greg Lamberson and publisher Medallion Press, are throwing some great freeness your way starting RIGHT NOW!

Personally, I’m looking forward to the iPad app, as I’m a complete JHJ (Jake Helman Junkie) and would pretty much buy anything the man has his hands on.

If you don’t trust me, you can surely trust the folks at Medallion Press. They’ve been unloading tons of quality fiction on us for a long while now, and they’re about to bring a fresh face to the crowd with their TREEbook project. Keep an eye out for that here, where we’ll bring you as much information as possible, and hopefully a look at the TREEbook itself as well. Also look for a review of the forthcoming Tortured Spirits soon.

Oh yeah… in case you haven’t figured it out yet…


See Lamberson’s Official Press Release after the cut..



In the countdown to the publication of Tortured Spirits, the fourth book in The Jake Helman Files series created by author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson, Medallion Press is running two special promotions.  For one day only – Wednesday, August first – the e-book of Lamberson’s recent werewolf novel The Frenzy War will be available for free on most online platforms: Kindle, Nook, e-pub, etc.  The novel is the second book in Lamberson’s werewolf saga The Frenzy Cycle, which posits a centuries old war between mankind and a secret species of shape-shifting Wolves. One man, NYPD captain Anthony Mace, finds himself caught up in the conflict between the two factions.

On August eighth, The Jake Helman Files: Afterlife Project will be available as a free downloadable application for ipad users.  In the Helman series, Afterlife is the end result of a decade long, multi-million dollar research project into religion and the supernatural which appears as a recurring “McGuffin,” alternately assisting occult detective Helman in his exploits and marking him as a target for unsavory foes. The ap is a sketch book which chronicles Helman’s adventures in the first four books and previews the fifth, which Medallion will publish in October 2013.  The illustrations were created by Chicago based artist Kyle Bice, with an introduction by Lamberson and captions provided by Jake Helman himself.  The ap will be available on Medallion’s website,

The Jake Helman Files is comprised of the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror winner Personal Demons,Desperate Souls, the Bram Stoker Award finalist Cosmic Forces, and Tortured Spirits.  All four titles are or will be available in print, digital, and audio book editions. Lamberson wrote and directed four feature films, including SlimeCity and Slime City Massacre, and recently co-produced Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast, which will be available on DVD this winter, and Model Hunger, the directorial debut of Debbie Rochon.


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