A Few Words From Jeff Strand

We invited Jeff Strand over to the site to say a few words about his new YA novel, A Bad Day For Voodoo.  Take it away, Jeff:

In what I believe is a first for the blogosphere, I am writing this guest blog while on fire.I don’t mean that I’m wearing a pair of gloves and one little pinky has a tiny flame on it or something weak like that. I mean that I am literally writing this blog while engulfed in flames, screaming and running around the room, getting soot all over my iPad screen.Sure, I could jump into the shower, but then this would just be a blog by somebody who was recently on fire, and that’s not all that impressive. No, even though it hurts pretty darn bad, I am going to remain alight until I finish this blog. That’s how important it is to me that you get cutting-edge content.

It’s possible that some of you don’t believe me. “Hogwash!” you’re shouting. “Nobody in that situation would continue to write a charming blog entry instead of seeking medical attention! Hogwash, I say!”

Why has our world become so cynical? Do you really think that I’m so desperate to attract attention to my upcoming young adult novel that I would lie about writing a blog post while on fire? I’m doing this for you. I downplayed the damage to my iPad earlier so that you wouldn’t feel guilty, but it’s melting all over the place and I’ll probably have to buy a new one.

Some of you may be wondering why I don’t post pictures to prove it. I’ll tell you why: because I’m on fire and don’t really have time right now to take pictures of myself just to address your doubts! C’mon, if somebody said “Hey, I drove my car through a guardrail and now I’m teetering over the edge of a cliff and am seconds away from plummeting six hundred feet onto rocks, explosives, and quicksand!” would you ask them to take a picture to prove it? Of course not. That would be rude. All I ask is for the same consideration.

I know, I know: you think that a blog post written while on fire should have more typos. Well, I do have an editor, who will be translating sentences like:



“In what I believe is a first for the blogosphere…”

Anyway, I’m seeing a lot of visible bone on my arm now, so it’s probably time to wrap this up. Thank you for allowing me to make Internet history!

The man is pure genius!  Needless to say you should run out and pick up everything that Jeff has ever put out but in particular check out A Bad Day For Voodoo!
Keep those peepers peeled because in just a bit we will be running a Ex-Strand-aganza as we run a cool little contest! Stay tuned.

News Briefs: HorrorFind, Jobs in Hell and Necon


As we mentioned yesterday, HorrorFind recently released the first wave of their author programming last week.  The annual con takes place in Gettysburg, PA and offers a nice mix of film legends, genre staples and up-and-coming authors.  If you haven’t bought tickets yet, I suggest you do.  Aside from this initial crop of very talented writer’s, I happen to know that there are one or two author additions that will make fans of the Dreadful Tales Book Club as happy as a pig in mud.  Here are the first literary guests:

Ronald Malfi

John Everson

Hunter Shea

David Bernstein

Brian Moreland

Russell James

Mick Ridgewell

Nicole Viachos

Check out the full Guest List here:



Brian Keene has started his column, Jobs in Hell, up again.  This time it takes the form of a Tumblr page.  Jobs in Hell was the feature that was of the most humorous, scathing and honest features aimed at writers and fans, alike.



The staff here at Dreadful Tales was really looking forward to attending Necon this year.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and we won’t be there but we are looking to live vicariously through you!  If you are attending and plan on taking pictures we would love to see them (especially if they involve Jeff Strand frolicking through the woods under a full moon) and post them on the site.  Feel free to tweet them to @GradeZHorror or shoot an email to PatDreadful[at]gmail[dot]com.