Feature: Horror Photographer Danielle Tunstall

As fans of horror literature, our primary source of fear comes from how our brains interpret the words in front of us, and how our imaginations render the images presented by those words. That’s all well and good, but sometimes we just want to look at images that challenge us, perhaps make us uncomfortable, and definitely scare us. Danielle Tunstall’s photography is definitely thought provoking and challenging, and is often incredibly scary.

To the best of my knowledge, Danielle hasn’t put out any books, image-based or otherwise. Danielle HAS, however, contributed cover art to a few folks that you might just have heard of.

Danielle has been featured in numerous magazines, as well as many other book covers. Since many of them aren’t exactly horror-lit, I’ll just request that you visit her website for all the pertinent info.

If you like your imagery bloody, thought provoking and above all, incredibly detailed please visit Danielle at her website. Authors, you may want to think about getting your next book cover from her, I’ve heard only wonderful praise from all who’ve worked with her.

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