Feature: Author/Editor/Filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic

Quick, imagine all the things that you want (wanted) to do before you hit age 30. Now imagine the respect and admiration that goes along with doing each of those things at the very top of your industry. That’s exactly the situation that my “Behind The Scenes” pick finds herself in.

Jovanka Vuckovic is rather iconic here in Toronto. She graduated with a university degree in Physical Anthropology and has done visual effects on a number of Canadian television shows, one of which she won an award for. She’s also been a zombie in both the remake of Dawn of The Dead and Land of The Dead. You’re probably very familiar with her literary work. From 2005 – 2009 she was Editor In-Chief of Rue Morgue Magazine, and often contributed articles during that time.

Jovanka is a zombie enthusiast and expert, and it’s no surprise that she’s penned a book about one of her favourite subjects. No, it’s not fiction, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include it. Also, how can you go wrong with a forward by George Romero?





We here at DT love Rue Morgue, but if Jovanka hadn’t taken the reins back in 2005, our beloved magazine might not enjoy the following that it currently does. Jovanka was brought on board by RM founder, Rod Godino, who had been a friend of hers for quite some time. Jovanka had noticed that there weren’t many female writers at the time, and wanted to change that, and change her occupation as her time as a digital effects artist was creatively unsatisfying.

Pictured: The first issue with Jovanka at the helm.

In 2009 Jovanka stepped aside from the magazine rather quietly, and focused on her family. Fans of Rue Morgue had difficulty accepting it, as Jovanka had helped springboard Rue Morgue into being one of, if not the preeminent horror magazines in existence today.

It’s no big secret that Jovanka has moved on to film. The Captured Bird, is a short film written and directed by Jovanka that is currently in post production. That means that it should be ready to go by the time the Summer 2012 festival season kicks off. Don’t hold me to that, I have nothing to do with production. If you visit the website you can see more of the concept art, some production videos, and quotes from some very fine folks who, like us, are excited to see the film come to life.

Jovanka has been very quiet regarding her future, presumably because she’s focused on making The Captured Bird the very best that it can be. If you like your music a bit on the metal side, you may have seen some of Jovanka’s work appear in REVOLVER magazine. For more information on Jovanka Vuckovic, visit The Captured Bird or follow her on Twitter.

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