Feature: Indie Author/Spokeswoman: Belinda Frisch

We begin our look at the fresh faces of women in horror with a woman who admittedly tightropes the line between ‘indie’ and ‘traditional’, Belinda Frisch.

Belinda is an author, blogger and champion of the indie movement – provided that it’s done well, naturally. Belinda is also the evil mastermind behind Kindle Dark: Horror, Mystery, and Thriller Freebies and Cheapies, which is a community of mostly indie authors sharing their work with readers everywhere.

Belinda’s most prominent work is her novel, Dead Spell.

Some secrets you keep even from yourself, unless something from beyond the grave forces you to remember.

Harmony Wolcott is slowly succumbing to the haunting darkness of a forgotten memory. A spirit named Tom refuses to let her forget what happened one night in her childhood home. Harmony believes Tom wants her dead but as their interactions escalate, her self-destructiveness is the real threat. Afraid to ask for help or admit the strange occurrence happening to her and around her, Harmony looks for the truth while trying to escape what it’s done to her family.


If you’re into short fiction, Belinda’s Crisis Hospital is the way to go.

The Look-alike
Separated from her twin at birth, Deirdre Nash suffers the physical and emotional scars left by her reluctant caregiver and obsesses over the sister she never knew. When she finally gets the chance to chance to meet her sister,things take a nasty turn and Deirdre calls on her brief medical training to erase their identical appearance.
The Fence
A dying woman and her grieving husband struggle with an arrogant, nuisance of a neighbor.
All her husband wants to do is to let her pass in peace. In this macabre tale of death and dismemberment, good fences really do make good neighbors.

The Deal
A deal with a demonic force comes with unexpected consequences when a woman bargains for the health of her ailing husband.

An abduction. A possible murder. The perpetrator burned beyond recognition lands in the care of a physician who fights to save him until his identity is revealed. Her daughter was his victim. Will he be hers?

When the theft of a black magic talisman goes awry, the team’s members turn on one another
in this tale of curses and the things people will do to avoid them.

The Airman
A ghostly pilot is grounded after losing his arm in the war and refuses to let anyone fly from his airport. Two siblings emergency land at his airfield and face a night of terror and rage as they try to escape.

Belinda’s work is also featured alongside many preeminent names in horror fiction, in Shroud 8, the Winter 2010 edition of the quarterly horror magazine. Most recently, Belinda contributed a story to Anachron Press’ City of Hell Chronicles: Volume One.

Belinda’s goals for 2012 are ever-changing, as she wishes to continue toward traditional publishing success while still keeping herself at the forefront of the independent scene. For more information, including links to buy all the works mentioned here, please visit Belinda at her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

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