Dreadful Tales Giveaway: The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz

It’s a Friday Giveaway at Dreadful Tales and we’re gifting two ebook copies of Jonathan Janz The Sorrows! You can read my full review here. The quick version is you got an engaging story with plenty of sex, violence, a bit of music and a lot of mayhem! I am very anxious for people to read Janz’ first novel, so I decided to host this giveaway and hopefully get fans as excited about his work as I am. All you gotta do is leave a comment telling me one of the following:

(1)   Your favorite Richard Laymon novel and why

(2)   Your favorite ghost / haunted house story and why

(3)   What horror fiction release you most look forward to in twenty-twelve

Hell, you can even deviate from those three topics as long as it’s horror related! That simple. Leave a comment, enter for a chance to get a digital copy of Jonathan Janz The Sorrows.

I’ll choose the two lucky readers on Sunday evening so you have all weekend to enter. Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends, tell your mom and dad even! But I hope they’re not easily offended because Janz is unabashedly gruesome to his poor characters which is just the way we like our fiction at Dreadful Tales.

Good luck!


15 thoughts on “Dreadful Tales Giveaway: The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz

  1. 1) Since I still haven’t read word one by Laymon, I’ve got nothing for you there.

    2) As far as favorite haunted house/ghost stories, the first one that comes to mind, although a bit of a stretch to fit the category is Gord Rollo’s VALLEY OF THE SCARECROW. More a haunted church (and surrounding cornfields.) To stay strictly in category, I’ll have to say my all-time favorite haunted house story is THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE.

    3) Most looked forward to in 2012 is easier. I’ve just started compiling my list for the coming year, and leading it off are two forthcoming by Jeff Strand, A BAD DAY FOR VOODOO and FAINT OF HEART. Following not too far behind are the Deadite rereleases of Brian Keene’s RISING series and EARTHWORM GODS, all five of which are scheduled for the latter part of the year, plus the new novel SUBURBAN GOTHIC.

  2. My favorite Laymon is Body Rides, probably because it’s a bit of wish-fulfillment 😉

    This book sounds pretty interesting though!

  3. My favorite Richard Laymon novel is The Traveling Vampire Show, it is the first novel of his I read and I loved the characters in the story.

    In 2012 I am most looking forward to Centuries Best Horror from Cemetery Dance Publications. One hundred short stories by one hundred authors!

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  5. My favorite Laymon book is still the first work of his that I ever read – “The Woods Are Dark”. I was drawn in by his great storytelling and driving plot. I believe that the man, as was said about him, was incapable of writing a bad story (if I could paraphrase).

  6. #3 – The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King is what I’m looking forward to most in 2012. Having gone through the time-consuming process of reading the entire Dark Tower series twice, and also the Dark Tower graphic novels & related shorter works such as The Little Sisters of Eluria, I’m almost giddy at the thought of re-entering the world of Roland, Jake, Eddie and Susannah.

  7. 1) I actually tend to dislike his novels–but I LOVE his short fiction. Whereas I’ve always felt his novels to be padded, his short stories are the perfect length for his blend or shock and sleaze. The Cemetery Dance collection MADMAN STAN AND OTHER STORIES is my favorite…and his short tales “The Hunt” and “Bad News” are his best shorts, in my opinion!

    3) Just about anything from DEADITE PRESS (new Ed Lee, reissues of Keene, etc.)! Deadite is the new Leisure (when they were you know, still paying their authors)…unless Samhaim turns out good. With D’Auria on board and THE SORROWS seeing a print release, I’m expecting great things!

  8. Thank you, all who have entered thus far!

    Jim – you better crack open a Laymon book soon, buddy! It can be kinda hit or miss, but if your name isn’t chosen for this giveaway, I’ll contact you and see if I can’t kick a solid Laymon entry your way 🙂 Also, looks like we’re both looking forward to the same things this year – anything by Strand!

    Stevenfaust – I haven’t read that one yet, but I will! Wish fulfillment, huh? Interesting.

    Michaelf – I think that is definitely one of his best!

    Martin – Still yet to read that one, but it’s a book I am looking forward to. And yeah, Century’s Best Horror!? MUST. HAVE!! I’m sure you’re following along with Colum’s reviews every Saturday, non?

    Guy – The Haunting of Hill House is freakin’ scary!

    TJ – A lot of people are picking their first as their favorite which I find interesting. Unfortunately, my first was THE CELLAR and I was not a big fan. I might go back and revisit it sometime though.

    Craig – I really gotta get into the Dark Tower series 🙂

    Vincente – Agreed on Deadite. They’re a great small press, home to many of my favorite authors and the covers are tits ( * )( * ) Although, Samhain is really my new playground for horror. Or as they call it, “The New House for Horror.”

    Oops, did I just enter my own contest!?

    • I dug through the (hundreds of) book on my Kindle and found 2 unread Laymon novels – FUNLAND and RESURRECTION DREAMS. Right now there are only about 50 items ahead of them in my HIGH TBR collection, so I may get to them in the next 2 or 3 years. Maybe. 🙂

  9. Oh, I know what I should have listed for my most anticipated title of 2012. How about the next Andrew Mayhem book, INCREASE YOUR CHAINSAW SIZE! (This seemed like as good a place as any to start harassing him for Mayhem V. 😉

  10. I have two Laymon Favorites: One Rainy Night and The Woods Are Dark – One Rainy Night starts out very similar to the recent movie The Crazies. His was written well before the movie. The Woods Are Dark is just creepy, well written.

    My favorite Haunted House novel is: Hell House by Richard Matheson – Having seen the movie based on the book, I reread the book and found it much better than the first time.

    2012 Release: The Haunted by Bentley Little

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