Fit For a King…Fan – If you liked The Shining

If you loved The Shining by Stephen King…


…check out Floating Staircase by Ronald Malfi.



We know that for many people Stephen King was and is the gateway into horror fiction.  For the folks out there who have read their way through his formidable body of work and are wondering where to go next, we’ll be running ‘Fit For a King…Fan’ weekly.  Each week we’ll introduce a King novel you may have loved and suggest a book or two to use as a a springboard into (the rest of ) the big scary world of horror fiction.  We hope you find a new book or two to enjoy, and we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Fit For a King…Fan – If you liked The Shining

    • BOREALIS is a great short introduction to Malfi’s work, for sure! I dug the hell out of SNOW, which is a creep-fest, but FLOATING STAIRCASE is a literary work of genius.

  1. Malfi is a phenomenal writer. BOREALIS is a great suggestion, but you really can’t go wrong anywhere with this author.

    This is a great pairing because I think Malfi has that universal quality in his writing that King fans find so accessible. Like King, he has the ability to attract a wide variety of readership which I think can be difficult for genre authors.

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