This is my first round of news reporting ever, so please be gentle while I flesh this thing out. I’m going to start out with sales and new releases, jump into “Flash”, which are quick one-line news bits that don’t fit anywhere else. The prior sections will deal with traditional large and medium scale publishers because I’m going to finish up with “The Indie Shot”, where I’ll post some tidbits about authors that you don’t yet know of. On with the show!


We’ll start with a little tidbit of info regarding a sale from Samhain Publishing. Dangerous Grounds by Shelli Stevens is FREE all December long. It’s in ebook format, so get your Kindle or Nook copy by December 31st.

Rolling on with more sale news, Permuted Press is having their “Black December” sale, where 5 recently released ebooks go for $2.99 each, 5 bestsellers the same, and there are 5 ebooks that are absolutely free. Go here to see the selection and scoop up some horror for just a couple bucks.

Kensington Publishing, or rather their Pinnacle imprint just released the latest offering from C.E. Lawrence, Silent Kills. This released on December 6th, and joins Silent Screams and Silent Victim on the shelves.


Books of the Dead press recently showed us some love, and announced that they’ve changed their web address to


Anachron Press, the one-man outfit otherwise known as Colin F. Barnes, have released the first City of Hell Chronicles as of December 1st. Featuring 8 stories total, the buzz surrounding this book has been quite good. We’ve got our copy, and of course we’ll share our thoughts.

Rather truncated first effort, but that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll be doing this again next week, so please leave some feedback and let me know what worked and what didn’t. Remember to follow Dreadful Tales on Twitter, like us on Facebook and make us your browser’s homepage. If you’d like to get to know me better, the best way is to find me on Twitter.

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