Hell’s Doctor Is In: A Conversation With Lee Jordan

When I read Hell’s Doctor, I never expected that I’d end up talking to the author. Hell, I read it when Paperback Horror was on the cusp of closing its doors and DT was just a pipe-dream. And I’d never even considered interviewing anyone.

After reading the novel, I had passed emails back and forth with Lee Jordan regarding the possibility of hanging out on the phone and maybe recording an interview, but it really never came to be. Mostly from my lack of technological ability, and somewhat borne of the fear I have of talking to folks I admire.

Until I found a way to break past all of that. And holy hell am I happy I did!

Not only is Jordan one of the nicest folks I’ve talked to in my life, but his get-to-it attitude is immediately addictive. I know that the horror genre in literature is populated with nice guys and pleasant-enough folks, but this here Mr. Jordan has got to be one of the friendliest of the bunch. It’s incredibly surprising that he writes the visceral and nasty stuff that he does.

In what was really only supposed to be a quick 30 minute conversation, we talked about everything that has to do with his first novel, the horror genre, how we got into this type of literature, and a slew of other awesome stuff.

I may have also gone on a rant or two. 😉

Needless to say, we went way over the 30 minute mark, but we never ran out of things to talk about.

Lee Jordan is now one of my favorite people in the world. He’s funny, sweet, and writes like he’s possessed by something fierce and nasty. He’s one of the boys and 100% DT Approved. Get to know him, ’cause this is an author I will stand behind for a long while.

Come take a listen.

HELL’S DOCTOR IS IN_ A Chat With Lee Jordan

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