You Spoke To Us, So We Gave You Stuff!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is finally upon us! We’ve chosen 8 folks to give these awesome All Hallow’s Read gifts to, and in the interest of fairness and full disclosure, we drew the names on video so you could see the process (and so you could watch Colum silently freak out inside…)

If you recall, we were giving away 2 ebook copies (each) of Bryan Smith’s new urban fantasty/horror novel, Kayla and The Devil; Ronald Malfi’s absolutely chilling novella from Samhain Publishing, Borealis; and Melissa Ecker’s phenomenally scary and out-right sexy, Giving up the Ghost.

We also had 2 signed sets of Mary SanGiovanni’s For Emmy, Bob Ford’s Samson and Denial, and Kelli Owen’s The Neighborhood to give away. A very big Thank You has to go out to Pat Dreadful for trekking down to Horrorfind ’11 and getting these rad little books signed.

And finally, we were giving away volume’s 1 to 4 of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez’ badass comic, Locke and Key, in Trade Hardcover  – a killer gift for virtually anyone, and something to consider a prize in your collection.

In the end, a whole slew of you guys entered for a chance to get your hands on these pieces (in fact, there were about 60 more entries than we expected), and we wanted to announce the recipients in a special way.

So here we go, folks. Here’s not only Dreadful Tales’ very first video (implying that there will be more), but also an introduction to your friends in the DT Staff, as well as the names of the recipients of our giveaway.


DT Staff

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