All Hallow’s Read (Day 21) A scary book for…

…someone who loves comics.

It would be impossible to do a series of posts like this without mentioning one of the most well received comics I’ve seen in a very long time.

So today, I give you Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez deliver not only an amazing story and phenomenal artwork, but a truly awe inspiring experience. Through Locke and Key, we follow a very vivid set of characters as they wind themselves through a strange, oft times terrifying journey of personal discovery and familial secrets. Hill and Rodriguez are a match made in heaven, making Locke and Key a must-have for any comic lover.

All Hallow’s Read is a book-giving tradition thought up by author Neil Gaiman. We’ll be making book suggestions all month long in case you need ideas!

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