The Horror Artist Workshop featuring Ghoulish Gary Pullin

Rue Morgue‘s Festival of Fear is a special event for me. Not only do I get to hobnob with some of the raddest people in the genre, but I also get to check out some pretty great things that you wouldn’t generally find anywhere else. After looking through the list of events and panels going on this year, I was shocked, surprised, and absolutely STOKED to see that Ghoulish Gary Pullin, RM’s art director and resident monster-maker, was going to be putting on a little workshop for all of us artistic types.

To say that I’m a fan of this man’s work is an understatement. The 1-2 punch that Pullin and graphic designer Justin Erickson deliver is exactly what embodies horror imagery for me, making even the slightest perusal of Rue Morgue Magazine a glut of eye-candy goodness. Their attack is oft-times vibrant, colorful, and never ceases to amaze, but it’s Pullin’s keen eye for little details that really gets my geek blood flowing. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but almost every single issue features a teeny, tiny little change to the logo. I notice that kind of stuff, and knowing full well that Pullin has nerds like me covered with stuff like this makes me a very happy man.

I don’t want to get into the whole shebang right here. It would take too long, and I’m sure you want to get your greedy little eardrums on this incredible piece of audio.

Pullin is our generation’s Basil Gogos, Bernie Wrightson, and Alan M. Clark, all rolled into one. His images are already burned into the minds of many people, forcing an automatic association between his work, and the combination of the words ‘Horror’, and ‘Art’, promising nothing but a decidedly wonderful future in art for the horror industry.

I’m honored to be able to bring this audio to you, as a huge fan of horror art, and as an artist myself. Enjoy!

THE HORROR ARTIST WORKSHOP featuring Ghoulish Gary Pullin

*Audio levels remastered by John Zytaruk.

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