All Hallow’s Read (Day 10) A scary book for…

…your boyfriend.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that your boyfriend is a horror fiend. If so, here are a few choice books to take a look at.

Deadite Press is in the process of re-releasing all of Brian Keene’s novels, and we’re sure your boyfriend is going to dig them. Check out Kill Whitey, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Ghoul, and Castaways for him. He’ll thank you.

If your boyfriend wants something heavy on action, sexy, and that plays out like the literary equivalent of a killer rock record, look no further than John Everson’s slasher movie fare, The 13th. We also suggest taking a look at Covenant, and its follow up, Sacrifice. Both are sexy, blood-soaked romps that deliver on many levels.

All Hallow’s Read is a book-giving tradition thought up by author Neil Gaiman. We’ll be making book suggestions all month long in case you need ideas!

1 thought on “All Hallow’s Read (Day 10) A scary book for…

  1. Long since read all of the titles listed by Brian Keene, as well as countless others. However I had never tried anything by John Everson, so I checked our local library, and darned if they didn’t have the very three you listed in MMPB. One of my co-workers has started The 13th. She said, aside from all the sex, the book is pretty outstanding.

    All three added to the TBR!!!

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