Dreadful Tales Weekend Roundup

We would first like to thank all of you for spreading the word about Dreadful Tales. This week we saw the most traffic ever at the site!  It is fantastic being a part of such a wonderful community filled with such amazing people. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

Now, let’s take a look and see what you may have missed this week.

First off, we had two reviews from Colum.  He took a look at the very cinematic novella, Amazonas by Alan Peter Ryan.  Colum loved the vivid imagery set forth by Ryan and had this to say “after reading the story, it became one of those situations where I had to force myself to remember that all of these images in my head were from a book and not a movie.” Later in the week Colum explored Kealan Patrick Burke’s Offline, which exploits our fear of social media. Colum calls Offline “A great, short, and addictive read, Offline is a fantastic introduction to a brilliant author and his ability to write in many different styles.”

Pat reviewed James Newman’s nasty little chapbook, Revenge Flick!.  Pat celebrates Newman’s versatility and says “All of these varying techniques and perspectives add to the overall cinematic flow of the chap and really give credence to the argument that Newman is one of the most talented writers working in the genre.”

Meli offered up a great piece of news regarding one of our all-time favorite authors, Lisa Mannetti. The short film, Bye Bye Sally is an adaptation of Mannetti’s creepy little suspense thriller  “Everybody Wins” and was written, produced, and directed by Paul Leyden. We encourage you all to check it out.

Finally we had a HUGE interview with Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni and JF Gonzalez.  The authors discussed upcoming projects, publishers and their fans.  It is a fascinating listen because it plays out in a very casual way.  We hope you enjoy it.

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Have a great weekend and thanks for the continued support of Dreadful Tales!

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About Pat Dreadful

Father of three. Impregnator of one. Pat lives in the backwoods of Pennsylvania where he splits his time between moonshining and moonlighting. He used to be the sole proprietor of a funky little site called Grade Z Horror but jumped at the chance to work with Meli and Colum. He was raised on King and Crichton but quickly found true salvation in the works of Ketchum and Laymon. When not selling plasma to afford those highly sought after Jeff Strand limited editions, Pat can be found sitting on his back porch with a pipe full of Perique and the sounds of summer coming through a beat up transistor radio. Simply put, he is a true ramblin’ boy of pleasure. The books that have shaped Pat’s warped lil’ ol’ mind have included Dweller by Jeff Strand, It by Stephen King, Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon, The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon and The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum. Pat is always on the lookout for a good coming-of-age yarn so shoot your suggestions to PatDreadful@gmail.com You can also follow his unsavory exploits over at theblackwoodsbible.wordpress.com

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