Lisa Mannetti’s Short Story is a Short Film!

As you settle into your weekday routine, take a few minutes to cure those Monday blues with a viewing of the short film Bye Bye Sally. This creepy little suspense thriller is based on Lisa Mannetti’s short story “Everybody Wins” and was written, produced, and directed by Paul Leyden. Lisa is a Dreadfully Approved author who penned the haunting companion novellas in Deathwatch and the Bram Stoker Award winning novel The Gentling Box. Bye Bye Sally is a dark Twilight Zone piece with a shocking twist that stands as a great interpretation of Mannetti’s writing style. Perhaps these two should consider working on a feature film adaptation of Mannetti’s work! If this short film is any indication, it’s obvious they make a great team.

Check out Bye Bye Sally here on Count Gore De Vol’s New Blood website and if you look closely you can spot the woman herself, Lisa Mannetti, in a brief cameo appearance!

 Count Gore De Vol introduces the film in the spirit of the classic horror hosts and features short films by up and comers, so be sure to visit the site again.

“Everybody Wins” was originally published in the short story collection These Guns For Hire edited by J.A. Konrath. You can find out more about that collection and pick up a copy here.

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