Dreadful Tales Weekend Roundup

We hope you all had a wonderful week!  It has been complete chaos here at the Dreadful Tales offices as we keep bringin’ it to you fast and furious.  We had an action-packed week so there are a few things  you may have missed, but fear not lovely reader, we have you covered!

Welcome to the Dreadful Tales Weekend Roundup!

We introduced a new feature which we are all VERY excited about.  The feature is Dreadfully Approved and it is our way of pointing you towards some of the best works the genre has to offer.  We take a subject and give you some of our all-time favorites while encouraging all of you to get involved by telling us what you think in the comments section.  We have big plans for this feature so keep those eyes peeled!

Speaking of things that are Dreadfully approved, one of our favorite new authors, Ed Kurtz, began his amazing new serial, Sawbones.  Ed is a writer you better get familiar with so in five years, when he is one of the premier names in the genre, you can tell all of your friends that you were a fan way back when. Yep, he is that good.

Colum was on fire this week as he brought us some seriously frightening reviews.  First, he took a look at the heart-pounding Ursa Major and had this to say, “it’s packed with so much action and so much stress, it’s damned near impossible to come away from this without losing one’s breath.” Colum is also giving one lucky a reader a copy of the book so check out the review and find out how you can win.

Colum continued his exploration of the YA genre with his review of Rusty Fisher’s Zombies Don’t Cry.  It really seems that the YA genre has a lot of great output these days and Colum is at the forefront, letting you know which books are “must reads”.

The final review of the week came from Colum, as well.  It turns out the demented minds behind the Saw films have turned their cinematic leanings toward the printed page and, according to Colum, the results are nothing short of horrific perfection.  In the review for Black Light, Colum praised the book by saying, “Now, rumbling down the track doesn’t quite express the sheer speed of the action in this novel. It starts off at a sleepy, incredibly confident stride, sauntering around your brain like it owns the place, but very quickly picks up the pace and does not let go”.

Shelagh brought us another delightfully dreadful installment of KinderScares.  She explores some monstrous singalongs for those with tiny terrors.  This feature is so fun because these are books that all genre fans will be tapping their toes to, even if they don’t have little ones scurrying about.  Check it out.

Finally, Meli brought us some fantastic reads that won’t cost you an arm and a leg (well at least not in the figurative sense).  She has scoured the internet looking for the best genre fiction for the lowest possible price.  Check out what hidden treasures she has in store for in her latest installment of Bloody Bytes.

Well, that’s all for this week.  Next week we have more reviews, news and a few surprises that just might blow your mind.

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Have a great weekend and thanks for the continued support of Dreadful Tales!

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Father of three. Impregnator of one. Pat lives in the backwoods of Pennsylvania where he splits his time between moonshining and moonlighting. He used to be the sole proprietor of a funky little site called Grade Z Horror but jumped at the chance to work with Meli and Colum. He was raised on King and Crichton but quickly found true salvation in the works of Ketchum and Laymon. When not selling plasma to afford those highly sought after Jeff Strand limited editions, Pat can be found sitting on his back porch with a pipe full of Perique and the sounds of summer coming through a beat up transistor radio. Simply put, he is a true ramblin’ boy of pleasure. The books that have shaped Pat’s warped lil’ ol’ mind have included Dweller by Jeff Strand, It by Stephen King, Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon, The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon and The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum. Pat is always on the lookout for a good coming-of-age yarn so shoot your suggestions to PatDreadful@gmail.com You can also follow his unsavory exploits over at theblackwoodsbible.wordpress.com

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