Sawbones: A Serial Novel By Ed Kurtz

We don’t hide the fact that we love us some Ed Kurtz-flavored horror around these parts. In fact, we’ve reviewed his first work, and featured him as one of our Fresh Faces back in August. Kurtz’ brand of horror is peppered with an intimate knowledge of the genre, and flows seamlessly from scene to scene. His action is always white-knuckle-tight, and never fails to impress.

It’s with great joy that we introduce this awesome bit of news with you. Sawbones, a serial novel by Ed Kurtz, has gone live. You can get a look at it over at the official website.

Here’s the synopsis:

In the summer of 1865, a man who calls himself Dr. Septimus Whitehall arrives in war-ravaged Southern Alabama with murder on his mind.  Whitehall has come to make himself into a killer, armed only with a list of names and a savage rage.  First, he practices his craft.  Then he begins his mission in earnest: killing each and every person on his list in revenge for an ambiguous crime against a loved one.  From Mobile to Little Rock, Nebraska to the Dakota Territory, Whitehall slashes, shoots and burns his way across the country in the name of vengeance, all of which leads to the final showdown with the architect of his anger in New York City.
As Whitehall’s list grows shorter and the trail of blood, bodies and flame grows longer behind him, the origin of his resolution to kill gradually becomes clearer.  He kills to avenge a mysterious red-haired beauty from the Bowery, but his sworn mission may be the result of delusion and fevered fantasy.

So far, Kurtz has posted the Prologue and Chapter One, and it looks to be going well. If the Prologue is any indication, we’re in for a seriously wild ride, brimming with vengeance, copious amounts of blood, and enough action to satisfy the any of your insane urges.

We’re excited to see where he’ll take this story, and will be haunting the page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to see what he’s got up next.

Here’s the official website, and here’s Kurtz’ website, for good measure.


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