Media Release: MonsterMatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol. 1

For those of you who don’t follow MonsterMatt Patterson on Twitter, this is a man who knows his horror inside and out. A real-life monster kid, Matt has been reading, watching, and collecting horror stuff for a very, very long time. His repertoire is unending, his jokes so bad they’re good, and his undying love for the genre is completely unmatched.

And now this.

Volume 1 of MonsterMatt’s Bad Monster Jokes is about to be unleashed on the buying public. If you love laughing, groaning, and shaking your head in absolute disbelief, then this one is for you.

Take a look at the official Press Release after the break, and then go get your hands on a copy of this book. I’m telling you, it’s destined to be a cult classic that kids of all ages will pull from their shelves and share with their friends, for years to come.

Pill Hill Press, is pleased to announce an official scheduled release for Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1 written by Monstermatt Patterson, illustrated by Kyle Kaczmarczyk, with an introduction by Joe Moe and an afterword by Pat Tantalo, for their non-fiction imprint, WestNeb Books.

WestNebBooks acquired the book from it’s previous publisher, during a brief and successful run, with both critics and readers alike. Some changes have been made to the book, including some added content.

Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1 (ISBN #978-1617060946), is a self described collection of over 400 badjokes, rancid rhymes, putrid puns, and sophomoric song parodies, with illustrations focused on horror films, monsters, sci-fi, superheroes, and some pop-culture for good measure.

According to Pill Hill Press and WestNeb Books editor, Jessy Marie Roberts, September 21st, 2011 is the scheduled release for Volume 1. Just in time for Halloween! Volumes 2 and 3 are currently being written, with no release dates yet for the follow up editions.Monstermatt has written over one thousandbad monsterjokes, and this first volume gives you a sizeable introduction to the humor that resides within. The marriage of the jokes to Kyle  Kaczmarczyk’s insightful illustrations are what has fans waiting for MORE!
What can readers expect?
Bad jokes like:
Does the 666 on Damien Thorne’s scalp,mean he’s the Devil?
No,it’s his “Credit Score”!
Why was The Wolfman mad at his H.M.O.?
They wouldn’t pay for his “flea dip”!
Where does H.P.Lovecraft like to shop?
Bed,Bath & “From Beyond”!
What coffee drink does The Phantom of the Opera like?
La lalalalalala,latte!

Sophomoric song parody lyrics,like:

“My Zombie Valentine”
“Monsters in the Night”

And many, many more…

According to duo, the book is acting as an introduction to the horror genre for newcomers, while entertaining those already familiar with it. From jokes and illustrations about Frankenstein and Dracula, to jokes about “The Manitou” and “Basket Case”, and even “The Human Centipede,” are turning many a newcomer into a horror buff. The duo has heard feedback from readers that watched “Dead Snow,” and some other notable films, due to the book.

The jokes and song parodies have been used on horror podcasts like:

RueMorgue Radio
Screamwave Podcast
RottingFlesh Radio
Tomb TV with Tomb Dragomir

…and more. This has helped to build a growing following of Maniacs(fans).

As the Emcee of Buffalo MonsterFest 2010, Monstermatt got a chance to field test his brand of humor-a mixture of Mad Magazine/Famous Monsters/Benny Hill/Borscht Belt Comedy, finding that what produced groans from the audience, felt delicious to him!

With Kaczmarczyk at the drawing  pad, illustrating sight gags, he knew they had something “ghoul” going on, that could entertain, enlighten, and grow on the reader.

Some notable names, from the horror genre weigh in on the book:
“I wrote this blurb so Matt would stop the Pun-ishment.”
-Rodrigo Gudino, Rue Morgue Magazine
“I tried very hard to find anything remotely amusing or anything that might induce at least a chuckle from this ‘Joke Book’ but was unsuccessful. In fact it actually ‘scared’ me how corny it is and that is hard to do to me! At least you have the guts. Congrats!”
-Tony Moran, The Original Michael Myers(Halloween,1979)
“You can open any page of this book, read one line, and feel intense pain throughout your entire body. I’m in awe.”
-Joe Bob Briggs, Drive-In Critic & Host of MonsterVision

Here’s what the Monsters themselves, are saying about the book.

“Monstermatt’s jokes are Good! Bad Good!
Frankenstein’s Monster

“Monstermatt’s jokes are a pain in the neck”!

“Kyle Kaczmarczyk’s illustrations had me howling!!”
–The Wolfman

As soon as we opened the book,we knew we’d have a double headache!”
–The Thing with Two Heads

Critics also had something to say about the book:

“I laughed, I groaned, I shook my head in disbelief! I highly recommend this book!” – The Monster Librarian

“The book is purely enjoyable.” – Sonar 4 Landing Dock Reviews.

“You’ll go back to the beginning and start reading it again! A very enjoyable read by two rising stars!” –

“Monstermatt delivers countless yuk-yuk monster jokes, while bringing horror goodies(and music), through the grue.” – The Horror Fiction Review

A perfect book for the Halloween season, Monster lover, horror curious and more!
The book will be available at major online book retailers. For more information, and updates, or to keep up with Kyle,  Monstermatt and Pill Hill Press, follow them on Twitter at:

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