Dreadfully Approved: Coughs Up Some Badass Hairballs

Welcome to the little corner of our library where we keep all of our favorite reads. It’s here you will find the books that carry the Dreadful Tales stamp of approval – a label we bestow upon some of our favorite dark/horror fiction and non-fiction titles.

Now, keep in mind that these are OUR favorites. You may have your own choices and we encourage you to share your favorites with us in the comments. In fact, it’s that kind of action that will get you noticed, and help your fellow genre fiction fiends find the stories that they may come to cherish.

Take a look around. See if you can find anything you like. Our library is open all day long, come rain or shine. Just make sure to close the door on your way out. Wouldn’t want any of these beasties making their way out into the world…

In this, the first installment of Dreadfully Approved, we’re going to take a look at those flea-ridden, drooling, violent man-beasts that have plagued fiction for centuries – Werewolves. Centuries, you say!? Yes… centuries. Lycanthropes have been found in literature as far back as the early 1800s, but that’s another discussion for another article altogether.

Nonetheless, read on (after the break) and you might just find a story or two that has enough bite to send you screaming to the hills, and right into the foggy, desolate moors where stalks the ferocious lycanthrope.

When it comes to werewolf fiction, there’s no way we’re going to be able to label any specific book as “the best example” of how the subject is tackled. There are so many to choose from, and all of them offer something completely different.

Take a look at Greg Lamberson’s The Frenzy Way, for example. A phenomenal mixture of police procedural and supernatural/horror. It’s virtually impossible to look away from the pages, let alone the cover art. Lamberson is knee deep in what he promises to be a series, and we couldn’t be more excited about that. You can check it out at Medallion Press’ website, or grab a copy here.

If you dig your crime/noir novels steeped in blood, you’re going to want to check out Mike Oliveri’s The Pack: Winter Kill. I’ve gone on the record to say: “You have to be dead not to dig this book”. And I stand by that. Released by Evileye Books, The Pack: Winter Kill is, by far, one of my favorites. Oliveri’s writing is absolutely superb. There’s a follow-up novel on the way, so keep an eye out. Grab a copy here.

WD Gagliani’s Wolf series in another fan favorite around here, adding yet another take on the police procedural/crime genre approach, but with Gagliani’s expert ability to weave horror, eroticism, and his own very unique storytelling that always enthralls. These are a phenomenal series of books. Get started with Wolf’s Trap, and you won’t look back. There are currently three in the series, with the fourth one – Wolf’s Edge – on its way from Samhain Pulishing.

Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand may well be one of the most action packed and hilarious werewolf novels you’ll ever pick up. Combining Strand’s trademark sense of humor, along with some incredible characters, Wolf Hunt proves that Strand has a magical ability to thoroughly entertain at the same time as providing us with a lightning fast read. You don’t want to miss this one. Grab it here.

Gary Brandner’s The Howling series is a must-have, in our opinion. Classic, disturbing, and wildly entertaining, The Howling and it’s follow up stories are absolutely required in any lycanthopic library, or you just ain’t doin’ it right. In related news, Books of the Dead Press have recently released all 3 novels in the series, complete with some incredibly amazing artwork. When you put them side by side, they complete one large, phenomenal piece of work by Daniele Serra. You can grab those books on Amazon.

J.F. Gonzalez released his own werewolf novel, Shapeshifter, with Leisure books a while back. While still available as an ebook on Amazon, the artwork for the 2003 Cosmos Books release is still, without a doubt, my favorite. You can snag a copy from Wildside books, here. The story itself brings werewolves to modern day LA, and just oozes action, suspense, and some incredibly delicious gore. Personally, this is one of my absolute favorites in the Werewolf sub-genre. Gonzalez is a phenomenal writer. you’ll have fun with this one.

If you don’t know who Thomas Tessier is, either you live under a rock or are dead. If you’re dead, you should get that checked out. If you haven’t read Tessier’s sexually charged, action packed, werewolf story – The NightWalker, you’ve obviously missed out on something great. Nothing get’s the Dreadfully Approved stamp without being awesome in every sense of the word, and this is a brilliant example of how awesome some things can be. Brutal and compelling, The Nightwalker is definitely worth looking out for.

Robert McCammon’s Wolf’s Hour is another story we demand you read. A spy has infiltrated Nazi Germany as he explores the dark secrets lurking within the evil depths of the Third Reich.  Sounds like pure pulp bliss, huh?  Did I mention that the spy happens to be a werewolf?  Thats right!  McCammon’s brilliant reworking of the classic espionage novels of the early 40’s combined with one of literatures most frightening creations makes for one hell of an original lycanthropic thrill ride.

And there you have it, folks! These are some of our favorite Werewolf reads (for now…) We’re sure there will be more to add to this, and will update with a “part 2” when necessary. Keep an eye glued to Dreadfully Approved to find out about more of our favorite reads, and don’t forget to speak your mind in the comments section below.

DT Staff.

2 thoughts on “Dreadfully Approved: Coughs Up Some Badass Hairballs

  1. This is AWESOME! Between the lot of you, you’ve got some serious literature experience racked up, and this is a great resource for people who are just getting into horror, or are looking for something new. I’d love to see you guys do a Zombie post, or an Apocalypse theme, or even a general “So-Awesome-Your-Brain-Will-Explode” post. I can’t WAIT for Part 2!

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