Bloody Bytes: Digital Deals & Steals

On this week’s edition of Bloody Bytes we have the scoop on free samples, a couple cool websites, and a few good deals to celebrate this extended labor day weekend (well, for some of you in the U.S.A.) Check ’em out beyond the break!

First up is not actually digital at all, but definitely deserves a plug. Dark Regions Press is offering 12 leather-bound Deluxe Hardcovers for 67% off! These slipcase editions can range anywhere from $99 to $150, so at 67% you can score one for the low price of $35 to $49. I’m sure that still sounds pretty pricy for some of our readers, but for a super limited signed edition leather-bound with slipcase and all that is an absolute steal. This is a great opportunity to start your own collection. In fact, I have my own small Dark Regions Press collection going and I’ve picked up many of the titles through special sales like this. Some of the titles included are by Dreadful Tales favorites, like Steve Vernon and Gabrielle Faust. Click on link below to view the titles and take advantage before the weekend is over!

Dark Regions Press 67% Off Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Speaking of small press, you can get limited edition small press titles for cheap by going digital. William Ollie’s INTO HELL is available for a variety of devices through the Delirium Books digital imprint Darkside Digital. Pick it up here for just $4.99!

Next up we have a free sample of Yvonne Navarro’s Mirror of Me. This sample comes from the Cheap-Reads website. Cheap-Reads has a huge database of  low priced or free e-books by independent Smashwords authors. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer may recognize Navarro’s name from her media tie-in novels. Navarro has also penned the novelization of the Hellboy movie. Obviously this is a fangirl after my own heart! You can read samples from many of her books via her website All her books are listed here, but if your not sure where to begin perhaps you could start with her first novel Afterage, a post-apocalyptic vampire tale, which is available in a variety of formats from Crossroad Press for just $2.99.

Another cool website you should check out is a tie-in haunted house website The Chancery House for Lisa Mannetti’s latest novel The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Tom and Huck, cat familiars to a witch, watch over the Inn and you can read more about them on the website. There are plenty of rooms to get lost in with a scavenger hunt and other interactive goodies. Make your way to the attic, click on the white cat, and you can torture your worst enemies with the virtual voodoo doll!

The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn is available for your Kindle from Shadowfall publications for just $2.99! This is a must read for cat lovers and those looking for a spooky haunted tale!

To round out this edition of Bloody Bytes we have a couple super cheap digital reads that are also Dreadful Tales favorites. Bleed by Ed Kurtz is about a spot of blood that feeds on living creatures! Bleed is available for the Kindle or Nook for only $0.99! If you need more convincing, check out Pat Dreadful’s review of this fresh face here.

Another fresh face you can check out for just $0.99 is Daniel Pyle’s Down the Drain for Kindle or Nook. Pat Dreadful also reviewed this one here, so if you like what you read you can pick it up for less than a Jr Whopper!

See you next week, fiends!

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