Dreadful Tales Weekend Roundup

The Dreadful Tales staff has been running around like maniacs this week, pimping posts and promoting sites. It’s been hectic, and sometimes things get lost in the fray. So here’s a run down of everything that went on for the past week, for you to peruse and enjoy. Check after the break for all your DT lovin’ needs.

Sunday saw Meli bring you a great little article called Bloody Bytes. Every week she’ll be showing you the best deals and steals in e-lec-tronic horror. This Midwest Monster has her ear to the ground, her finger on the pulse, and you can bet she’ll show you the best deals around. Contact her at dreadfultales @ gmail . com, or on Twitter if you have a line on something awesome, or want to see your own piece of work showcased here.

Tuesday morning saw two posts from our DT Staffers. First up was a look at Meli’s favorite inforgettable beach read – Slither by Ed. Lee. You can take a look at that here. Not an hour later, Colum blasted you all with a review of a brutal little chapbook called Vanishing Hope by Tobin Elliott. He also gave away two copies, and has plans to acquire more… he loves this story that much!

Next up, Shelagh came at you with a unique look at a horror convention – from a kids perspective! Check out what happened when we unleashed our kids on the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear. See who survived, and what was left of them here.

Colum brought out another heavy gun in his chapbook catalogue with Heart Of Glass by David Winnick. It was a great, dependable read that has a brilliantly surprising ending that left Colum with a very big happy. He also gave a copy of this one away, as well. He like to give you things. Check out the review here.

Meli came blasting out of the gates with Population Zero by Wrath James White – a sincerely disturbing read that left her covered in bloody, and way too slippery to keep your hands on. White is known for his violent, visceral style, and Meli is definitely the woman to embrace it. Check out her love for all things gory here.

On Friday, Colum reminded us of the incredibly amazing Underneath The Juniper Tree – a spooky kids fiction magazine, and posted a link to their September issue. We urge you to check it out, even if you’re just a big kid at heart. He also introduced us to two badass literary chicks who have more swagger in their little fingers than most have in their entire being – BiblioBabes. Go give them a look-see, and check out the write-up Colum gave them here.

Meli was back at’cha next with the third installment of Bit by Bloody Bit (or Bx4, in the DT offices), taking on Stephen King’s IT. This article is unique to Dreadful Tales, and is slowly becoming a fan favorite. Take a look at the third installment here. You can catch up on parts one and two, while you’re at it.

Next up, Colum quickly reminded you that Pat was at the Horrorfind Weekend, and gave you a chance to win some swag. We have some great fun in the next few weeks because of this event, and are looking forward to bringing it to you. Check that out here.

Stay tuned to Dreadful Tales for some awesome news soon! We’re shuckin’ and jivin’ our way into the hearts of many, and would love to bring you all with us. Remember to comment, link, and pimp the hell out of everything you dig. And keep lookin’ for those chances to win badass books and other swag from your fiends at Dreadful Tales.

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Have a great weekend and thanks for the continued support of Dreadful Tales!

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