Dreadful Tales Haunts Horrorfind Weekend!

Horrorfind Weekend is underway, bringing some of your favorite authors together for readings, signings, official launches, and partying till the sun comes up. And Dreadful Tales is there!

Here’s the deal, kids.

Our big, bad, bearded review machine – Pat Dreadful – is chillin’ like a villain, representing Dreadful Tales in full effect, alongside his beautiful wife (who also just so happens to be cool as a cucumber). Unless he gets all sorts of excited by hanging out with the likes of Brian Keene, Kelli Owen, Bob Ford, Mary SanGiovanni, James Newman, Kevin Lucia, Lincoln Crisler, and many, many more – he should be able to keep his Dreadful Tales shirt on, and it shouldn’t be hard to find him.

Go see him, give him your contact info, and we’ll send you some free swag! We’ve got postcards, bookmarks, chapbooks, novellas, and much much more!

Introduce yourself to the man, show your love (he loves hugs), and drop him your email address. We’ll make it worth your while.

Have fun out there at Horrorfind, folks!


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