A Fabulous Feast of Frights for a Fantastic Freakin’ Friday

I don’t tend to enjoy Fridays as much as y’all. Something about the working world and my specific job just doesn’t jive. Fridays (for me) are always wicked busy, full of running around, and never anything less than a break neck pace. But eventually I find myself winding down and looking for something to read. Mind you, I’ve always got some reading on the go, but sometimes I want something different. Something quick, but enjoyable.

Under The Juniper Tree always has the most incredible covers... *swoon*

Enter Underneath The Juniper Tree – The September Issue.

108 pages of ghoulsih delights from the likes of D.M. Cunningham & Roberta Baird (The Sugarplum Incident), Lux Canary & Abigail Larson (Voodoo Child), Ken Lamug (Toe Eaters), and many more. You’ll also find a plethora of incredibly amazing art courtesy of Rebekah Joy Plett, Louise Grant, Shannon Hilson, Filipa Malva, and more than my baby blues could possibly be able to handle.

Y’all know I love great art!

As always, the quality of this free (yes… FREE) magazine is incredible. I never have a complaint about it, and don’t expect that I ever will. The kids horror lit. scene is a favorite place of mine, and UTJT absolutely solidifies my love.

I know we’ve said it before, but you really need to check these guys out. Get your hands on the September issue here.

And as a note of interest, if you have an Android Phone, you can subscribe to, and download issues of UTJT for free from Issuu. Take a look at m.issuu.com for more information. If you don’t have an android phone, you can download the PDF and import it to your favorite PDF reader on your iPhone by clicking the “download this publication” button. DO EEET!!

Check back at the beginning of every month, and we’ll update you as to the new issues.


I’ve also come across another site of interest and, lordy lordy is it a doozy!


Heralding from the West Coast of Canada and bonding over vegan Caesars, Vampire Smut, and glorious, wonderful books – Kat and Cara – the two beautiful and brilliant minds behind Bibliobabes.ca, have dedicated themselves to bringing you book-related radness, copious amounts of cussing, the most awesome tidbits of literary matter, and…well… Babes. It’s a win/win/winwinwin situation.

Beyond the beauty and  the punk rock/horror inspired tattoo imagery, these two ladies write with a practiced authority that would make even the most seasoned authors nervously await their reviews. We’re no professionals over here at Dreadful Tales, but we’ve been in the game long enough (at various places on the interweb) to know when something is going to grab the public’s attention.



Kat and Cara hold their own, and have enough attitude and experience to back it up a thousand-fold. They write like I talk, think, and act, and have enough swagger to fell a boat full of saucy sailors.

From one literary site to another – I implore you to go take a look. You won’t be disappointed. Hell, I want these ladies to live in my ‘hood so Shelagh and I could have late night ramblings with like-minded folk, on a porch full of badass literature.

That said, we hope you enjoy the hell out of your long weekend, and get a metric shit-ton of reading done. There are going to be some more chances coming up soon for you to grab a copy of… well… whatever I feel like throwing at you. In fact, I’ll send David Winnick’s Heart of Glass at the first person who can correctly tell me what time it is. How’s that?

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “A Fabulous Feast of Frights for a Fantastic Freakin’ Friday

  1. My time? 8:30PM. Your time? In the T-Dot? 11:32PM. I had to check. I could use more reading, ha ha. Thanks again for the fan-frickin’-tastic review, BTW. Cara read it to me over the phone while I was at work; I got goose bumps and ALL KINDS of tingly. Fuckin’ BADASS.

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