Wookies and doom: FanExpo from the kids’ perspective

I know you’re all waiting to hear about the literary side of the Festival of Fear.  The authors.  The publishers.  The autographed copies of who-knows-what that Colum will soon be packing onto our already screaming bookshelves.  Colum’s working on that post! And you would probably have it already, if I didn’t make him get up and go to his day job every morning.

Sorry about that.

In the meantime, here are some Festival of Fear/FanExpo moments with the KinderScares spawn, all of whom we dragged out Sunday for the final day of the event:

"OMG! This shit is unreal!"

I was actually a little worried about going with all our millions of children (okay, just three, but still) in tow.  I remembered having a really hard time getting through crowds in previous years and wondered if we were REALLY nuts attempting it with a double stroller.  But the new bigger venue was fantastic! Double stroller and all, we had no issues anywhere along the way, and found it to be a really family friendly event overall.  Tons of people with little kids were out enjoying all aspects of nerdiness.  😉

6yo grinning at her tentacled self!

We headed first for The Day After, where the awesome artist Chris Zenga presented our 6-year-old with a badass Cthu-You portrait!  It’s amazing, and she’s totally psyched to get it framed.

He also did a zombie portrait of our 2-year-old as we wandered the rest of the building. How creepy and awesome is that?

We attacked him with a bunch of monster books for his own pack of little people (in case you’re dying to know, the book he’s holding is Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex, one of my all-time favourites).

Here’s our 6-year-old with author Greg Lamberson‘s adorable daughter (who’s rocking a Green Lantern t-shirt!).  This kid is so freaking cute she’s practically a cartoon character, seriously.

Being scary at the Medallion Press booth

Here they are in their ‘clubhouse’ under the tables of the seriously tolerant folks at Medallion Press, who were impressively unfazed by tiny people darting in, out, and under their booth.  Very cool guys.

Our 2-year-old could not leave the lovely Ghoul Friday’s table without one of these little pumpkins! I bought a really awesome decoration for myself as well, but have so far failed to take a pic.

Here’s me and the toddler in front of Baby’s 1st Boo (if he looks unimpressed, it’s because we were across from the Rue Morgue booth and part of their display was seriously freaking him out, haha).  We love Baby’s 1st Boo – super-adorable stuff made by really great folks!

I don’t have any great pics of them from Sunday (2-year-old freakout, remember?), but here’s a funny one from when 6-year-old was there with Colum on Friday. The creepy makeup on her and Greg Lamberson’s daughter was done by the talented Sara Ogle of Murderous Distortions!

This is the cute hat we snagged for the littlest from Baby’s 1st Boo – Colum also got the 2yo a Batman blanket earlier on in the weekend, but he refuses to hand it over long enough for a photo shoot.

6yo getting her Star Wars nerdiness out.

Wookie heckling in a dangerous job, but somebody has to do it...

See that wookie there? 2-year-old spent a good ten minutes standing across the aisle heckling him while people posed for photos.  “Hey, wookie! Hey…WOOKIE!”.

"I can has your face?"

And here is our seriously cute baby trying to steal the beard of Howard from Ottawa Horror, while clutching knit toast we picked up at Yarn of Despair.  And Colum there beside them, but he’s not quite as cute.

We ended the day on a high note by getting on the elevator with R2D2 on our way out (and Ghoul Friday…but she’s not a droid – as far as I know – so we didn’t paparazzi her).  Does life get any better than that?!

In case your life is somehow not now complete after seeing innumerable pictures of my tiny fiends, expect Colum’s grown-up post about the literary delights of the Festival of Fear later this week!

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