News: Greg Lamberson and Medallion Press give you Personal Demons

Greg Lamberson, the creator of the Jake Helman Files series, and Publisher Medallion Press are inviting you to download the first book – Personal Demons – FOR FREE!

See the Media release after the cut!

This is one of my favorite books/series, and I am beyond excited to bring this news your way.

The Helman books combine one of the most perfect mixtures of horror, supernatural, and crime fiction set to print. You’ll be missing a lot of you don’t check  this out. Check out our reviews of Personal Demons here, and the follow up book Desperate Souls here.

Greg has several other books in print including Johnny Gruesome (review), and The Frenzy Way (review).

Lamberson is set to release
book 3 in The Helman Series, Cosmic Forces, this October, and the follow up to The Frenzy WayThe Frenzy War – in June 2012.


CONTACT: Greg Lamberson,

First book in “The Jake Helman Files” offered as a free e-book for 15 days

Medallion Press is offering Personal Demons, the first book in author and
filmmaker Gregory Lamberson’s “The Jake Helman Files” occult detective series, as a
free e-book available from all online retailers who sell it, including, Barnes
and, and Kobo, as well as Medallion’s own website. The special
promotion runs from Monday, August 8th – August 22nd, and predates the October 1st
publication of Cosmic Forces, the third book in the series.

“Greg is an amazing writing talent and all of us at Medallion Press are such
huge fans of The Jake Helman series,” says Paul Ohlson, the director of marketing at
Medallion. “This promotion is a chance for the rest of the world to experience what we
know of Jake Helman – he’s one badass mofo!”

Personal Demons pits Helman – an ex-cop hoping to redeem himself and
reclaim his life after battling a cocaine habit – against a billionaire geneticist, a serial
killer who steals the souls of his victims, and the Biblical Cain and Abel. The novel won
the Anubis Award for Horror and the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror, and spawned a
sequel, Desperate Souls, which found Helman battling drug dealers who deploy an army
of voodoo zombies. The first two novels are available in print and as e-books from
Medallion, and as audio books from

“The books in this series are balls to the wall horror, but I mix in heavy doses of
my other favorite genres, like crime drama and hardboiled noir,” says Lamberson, also
known for his cult films Slime City and Slime City Massacre and his Bram Stoker Award
nominated novel Johnny Gruesome. “I’m lucky to have a publisher like Medallion that
supports where I’m taking the series and promotes it. Jake’s usually a lone gun, but in
this respect he’s got a lot of backup. Hopefully readers will find the series addictive.”

In Cosmic Forces, Helman takes on a mythological creature named Avademe
which has been controlling world affairs for centuries. Lamberson reports that the fourth
book in the series, Tortured Spirits, has already been completed for October 2012
publication. He is currently writing The Frenzy War, his sequel to last year’s werewolf
novel The Frenzy Way. After that, he hopes to begin work on his most ambitious project
to date for Medallion, which he promises will be cutting edge in nature.

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