Dreadful Tales Weekend Roundup

The overall feeling over here at Dreadful Tales has been absolutely insane. We’ve had more support, more interaction, and more general feelings of awesome than anyone could shake a bloody limb at. And it’s all because of you readers.

We love hanging out on Twitter, Facebook, and here on the site with you all, and look forward to doing it all again next week when we’re back at full staff.

I’d like to take this time to introduce you to my wife, Shelagh, who will bejoining us shortly. She’s bringing her vast amount of knowledge about kid’s horror lit, and a keen eye for all things spooky, with her. If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve secured a spot for her up there on the right. So, everybody welcome KinderScares to the club. We’ll all do out damnedest to entertain your little monsters while you sit back and read the latest blood soaked tales you’ve been dying to check out.

And, as always, come hang out here and have the chance to win some great books. It’s all free, and all for you. Keep an eye out for some big stuff coming your way, as well. Might have to make you work for it, though…

As for this past week – follow the cut for what we took a look at!

The first two days of August saw our first installment of “Fresh Faces” – a feature that will appear for the first few days of every month, and showcase some of the fresh blood that Dreadful Tales wholeheartedly approves of.  Pat took a look at Daniel Pyle’s Down The Drain, on August 1st, and Ed Kurtz’s Bleed on the 2nd. These are two writers that we’re following very closely. In fact, we can see what Kurtz is doing right… now…

On the 3rd, Pat threw down with a surprise pop quiz, asking you folks to email him with your answers in order to win a mystery prize. If you act quick, I’m sure he’ll still consider you in the running…

August 4th saw Pat’s review of Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse by Max Brailler, a choose your own adventure style story that Pat claims “…should be required reading for those looking to see how versatile and inventive genre fiction truly is these days”

Pat and Colum both threw down for a double review on the 5th, inundating you with awesome, and making you wonder how the hell Pat could possibly be posting reviews when he’s supposed to be camping! Let’s just say that he has very long arms… HEY! Stop trying to take my wallet, Pat!

Pat checked out the inimitable Richard Laymon’s Flesh – a book that Pat prefaced his review by saying “…How about a sinister slug that burrows into your spine and forces you to indulge in some of the most depraved acts ever committed?  Yep, now that sounds like the Richard Laymon that we have all come to love. Yeah, that sounds like the Laymon we all love.

Colum took a look at UK horror trio Mark West, Stephen Bacon, and Neil Williams’ Ill At Ease, a collection of short horror stories borne of the inherent creepiness in everyday moments. Colum said, in his review: “All of the writers involved brings forth a high caliber writing, and a true understanding of how to scare an audience and, at the very least, how to creep out their audience with seemingly innocent situations gone awry.” Sounds intriguing…

Again, look forward to seeing more of your regularly schedules scares, plus a little something extra for the kiddies. Also, we’re getting close to the Festival of Fear, which Colum plans on attending, and Horrorfind Weekend, which Pat will be bringing you all the news from.

The reviews won’t stop coming, cause we never stop reading.

Stay tuned, folks! This is gonna get big.

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Have a great weekend and thanks for the continued support of Dreadful Tales!

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