Welcome to Dreadful Tales

The premise to this story is really quite simple.

As far as genre fans go, the voracious reader is among some of the most critical, outspoken, and unwaveringly loyal type of fan that a creative mind could hope to have. Enter Meli, Pat, and Colum – three of the biggest fans of genre fiction this side of Jake Helman’s own personal hell.

Their own personal introductions to the genre aside, it became clear to each of them that they had a passion for horror literature, and wanted to spread the good word like a blood-soaked street preacher. Brandishing their current book of choice as a weapon against pacified scares and blockbuster bores, they set off to show the world that they meant business.

Meli went screaming to the hills, joining Destroy The Brain as their go-to book reviewer with a taste for detailed, gory, and blood soaked fiction, and expressing her talent for well thought out interviews.

Pat founded Grade Z Horror and quickly became a reviewer to watch, offering incredible giveaways, a friendly backwoods drawl, and proof that passion could manifest itself in the form of a ravenous beast intending to devour everything with words inscribed on it.

Colum threw himself face first into his passion for words with Paperback Horror – a site dedicated to horror in fiction and literature. His love of the genre lead to delving further into the nooks and crannies hoping to find a piece of horror for everyone. His insanity helped in the creation of KinderScares – a site run almost solely by his wife, that is dedicated to horror in fiction and literature…for children.

Having pushed these projects as far as they could go solo, the proprietors of these forums have joined forces to create the most thorough review site in the horror literature genre that they could possibly offer.

And thus, Dreadful Tales is born.

Take your time, look around. Enjoy yourself. We’ll be looking out for you. Feel free to comment and start discussions. The site is going to be in an ever evolving state, due to the always changing publishing world.

We’re always open to reviewing great horror fiction, and will gladly accept ARCs in many formats. Our preference is physical books, and we’re not limited to any style housed within the genre. We’re looking for anything from straight forward Horror, Thrillers, YA, Kid Lit., Paranormal Romance and/or Erotica, LGBT fiction, Poetry, Bizarro, etc. Be they Novels, Novellas, Chapbooks, Collections, Anthologies, Comics, Graphic Novels, Web-Comics, Non-Fiction, Large/Small/Specialty Presses, or whatever, we will devour it all. Please send a query for review to DreadfulTales@gmail.com

Our love lies within this genre, and we have made it our goal to show you, the Reader, where the gold hides buried and the crap piles up. That is our dedication to you.

Please, enjoy yourselves while you’re here. We’ll do our best to entertain, inform, and lead you towards the best literature that the horror genre has to offer.

Dreadfully Yours,

Dreadful Tales Staff.

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